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Earlier in 2017, Amanda Bynes was interviewed for the first time in four years where she revealed that she was ready to act again! We all love Bynes’ movies and fans were starting to miss her quirky charm. With her announcement, we wonder if Amanda Bynes’ net worth of $4.0 million will grow this year.

Amanda Bynes has seen some tough times in her recent past. She was in rehab for a while, but now, she has come a long way from when we last saw her. The 31-year-old is not letting her fans down! Bynes’ clothing line is still being awaited, but until then, here’s a break down of what Amanda Bynes’ net worth in 2018 looks like.

How Rich is Amanda Bynes in 2018?

  • The list of Amanda Bynes’ movies and shows might be smaller than some of her contemporaries, but they are still loved by fans all over the world. Who doesn’t still love She’s the Man? It is estimated that this movie alone earned the actress $378,788.

Check out how much Amanda Bynes made through some of her best-known movies:

Movie Estimated Earnings
Easy A $1,048,951.00
Living Proof $649,351.00
Sydney White $487,013.00
Hairspray $415,743.00
  • Bynes started off as a child actress on Nickelodeon, with All That and The Amanda Show.
  • She then made her way into Hollywood with some big movies, earning enough to purchase a sprawling estate in Calabasas, California, in 2011, for a price tag of about $2.0 million. It was a 4,618 sq. ft. stone house with four bedrooms and five bathrooms.
  • But in 2012, two years after announcing her retirement from acting, things went south for the actress, who was diagnosed with manic depressive and bipolar disorders, which took a toll on her personal life and professional image.
  • Amanda Bynes’ drug addiction became a massive story in the media, as did her DUI charge later in 2012. The next year, she was arrested for arson after setting a small fire to a stranger’s driveway.
  • She was then hospitalized for mental health issues, and upon being released, was sentenced to her parents’ care.

Check out how much other child actors’ wealth compares to Amanda Bynes’ net worth:

Actress Net Worth
Raven Symone $55.0 million
Ariana Grande $35.0 million
Demi Lovato $33.0 million
Hilary Duff $25.0 million
Lindsay Lohan $500,000.00

Before retiring from acting, it was estimated that Bynes’ annual income was over $705,000, and she owned a BMW worth $95,000.

Since her recovery, Amanda Bynes has been working on a fashion line. It was always a dream of hers to start a clothing brand, and she enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. She recently revealed that she would love to get back into television acting, and we can only hope she does!