Not sure how this will affect Amanda Bynes’ current mental or emotional state, but reports from TMZ and other sources say that the actress has not been invited to take part in Nickelodeon’s All That reunion, which is the show that essentially gave Bynes her start in Hollywood.

Sources say Bynes didn’t even know about the reunion till she saw a trailer advertised. She was originally part of the cast of the sketch comedy as a child back in the ‘90s, and it helped her eventually get her own show—aptly called The Amanda Show—on the same network.

Amanda’s Not too Disappointed!

Despite being seen as a bit of a diss towards the 29-year-old actress turned fashion designer-in-training, it’s reported that Bynes said that she would have passed on the reunion even if she had been invited. She said she would rather focus on her fashion than anything to do with acting. The fact that it was announced that there would be no new skits in the All That reunion wasn’t even enough to change Bynes’ mind—she’s that dedicated to her new career as a budding fashion designer!


Bynes is still working on regaining her career after a very public meltdown in 2012. She has since taken some major steps towards recovery and has even said she is ready for a relationship. While there’s been no official word from Nickelodeon on why Bynes wasn’t invited, one could only assume it was intentional seeing as how Bynes claims she never even heard from any of the producers.

Hopefully, this not getting invited thing is as small a deal as Bynes is making it out to be. We would have loved to see her rejoin her All That cast mates, but we’d love it even more for her to stays on the positive path she’s currently on!

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