There is nothing like modifying old cars! That’s exactly why the show Graveyard Carz has become so popular. Fans of the hit reality show will be glad to know that Alyssa Rose is back for Graveyard Carz‘s sixth season! We’ve got all you need to know, right here.

Thanks to all the car lovers out there, the Graveyard Carz is a hit! In the show, Mopar muscle cars from the late 1960s/early 1970s are restored to working condition at a shop in Springfield, Oregon.

The Graveyard Carz shop’s motto is, “It’s Mopar or No Car.” The show is into its sixth season now, and audiences are liking the revamped model. People also love that Alyssa Rose is back, and she’s nothing short of terrific. Alyssa Rose from Graveyard Carz is actually the show’s creator, Mark Worman’s daughter.

Heading Towards Splitsville?

Currently, the Graveyard Carz cast includes Mark Worman, Alyssa Rose Worman, Royal Woakum, Will Scott, and Dave Rea. Josh Rose (Alyssa Rose’s husband) was also part of the cast from 2011 to 2014.

Is Alyssa Rose still married to Josh? Though nothing has been confirmed, there is speculation that the two have split, following posts on Josh’s Instagram of the pair’s daughter, but not with Alyssa.

Some believe that Josh Rose is not on the sixth season of Graveyard Carz because of his rumored split with Alyssa.

Alyssa is a Stunning & Talented

Some viewers believe that Josh feels he was underpaid, which is why he left Graveyard Carz. However, they are glad to see that Alyssa Rose is back on the show!

Her enthusiasm for cars is clear on Alyssa Rose’s Instagram account, where she also posts pictures of her daughter, and hanging out by the pool. There are plenty of Alyssa Rose’s hot pics, as well.

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