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Wichita, Kansas, residents have started their mornings with Alyson Acklin on Good Morning Kansas and Good Morning KAKEland. But that’s soon coming to an end in June 2022. Alyson Acklin announced she is leaving KAKE and Kansas. Her followers and viewers naturally want to know where she is going next. Some saw this coming as the news anchor and her husband shared some personal news as well. That left many to wonder who Alyson Acklin’s husband is. Here’s what she said about leaving KAKE.

Alyson Acklin Exits KAKE

Oklahoma native Alyson Acklin graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a BA in Broadcast Journalism. After working at KTEN-TV in Denison, Texas, she joined Wichita’s Good Morning Kansas on KAKE-TV in 2018.

Acklin went on to co-anchor Good Morning KAKEland and KAKE News On Your Side. Not only has she covered major local, national, and international stories, but she also shared glimpses into her personal life. The Wichita community adores this news anchor.

So, when Acklin shared a recent development in her husband’s career, some of her followers predicted that Acklin would make a new career move, too. Sure enough, in late May, she revealed that she’s leaving KAKE.

Her last day at the station is June 10. However, she did her last broadcast with her co-anchors, Frank Waugh and Shane Ewing, before Waugh went on vacation on June 8.

Acklin is going to Memphis, Tennessee, where her husband’s new job is. She hasn’t revealed if she will be working at a news station there. But fans are hoping to see her back in the news studio soon.

Saying farewell to Kansas is hard enough for both Acklin and her viewers. She also tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after announcing her departure from KAKE. However, she was able to make a full recovery in time for her last day on-air on Good Morning KAKEland.

Alyson Acklin’s Husband

Alyson Acklin married Christopher Brauckman on September 4, 2020. She shared glimpses of their engagement and wedding with KAKE viewers.

Christopher Brauckman was born in June 1992. His parents, Janet and Brian Brauckman, live in Rochester, Minnesota.

Brauckman graduated from the University of North Dakota with a BS in Commercial Aviation. He was a flight instructor in Wisconsin, North Dakota, and recently in Wichita, Kansas. He was also a captain at SkyWest Airlines.

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Acklin revealed that Brauckman got his dream job with FedEx based in Memphis. He is currently living there and awaiting Acklin and their furbaby to pack up in Kansas and move to Tennessee soon.