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About Almondmilkhunni
Known AsBrandy Schwechler
Age27 Years
BirthMarch 30, 1997
ParentsJennifer Schwechler
AddressPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
CountryUnited States

The R&B and pop scene has new up-and-coming royalty, aka Almondmilkhunni. 2019’s breakout star has been releasing bop after bop with relatable lyrics and a sweet and sexy sound. But she was on a completely different path until she took a gamble that turned her into a social media phenom churning out deeply addictive tracks. Our Almondmilkhunni wiki traces the journey of this insanely talented artist who you need to keep an eye on.

(Editor’s Note: This article uses excerpts from Almondmilkhunni’s exclusive interview with EarnTheNecklace.com. Check out the interview here.)

Almondmilkhunni’s Musical Journey Began in Choir

Born Brandy Schwechler on March 30, 1997 to Jennifer Schwechler, this young Latina is from Moorestown, New Jersey and grew up in Philadelphia. She has a deep connection to her father’s Dominican culture, which shaped her as much as living in Philly did.

By her own admission, she grew up in a very religious household, went to church every Sunday, participated in mission trips, and the likes. She even said she was not allowed to date until she was 18.

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However, music had a big presence in their household thanks to Schwechler’s dad. A singer himself, he was making his own music and encouraging his daughter to as well.

When she was 13, she got her musical start in church choir. Almondmilkhunni might not seem like it, but back then she was a shy teen.

Performing with the choir was the push that made Schwechler write songs and poetry more. She developed her singing skills by emulating the late Aaliyah and gained a basic understanding of guitar and piano.

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Almondmilkhunni Was Considering a Political & Law Career

Brandy Schwechler was academically inclined. History was her favorite subject and she was on the debate team.

“I always loved learning and reading, but I would admit that I took in a lot more information than I showed,” said the songstress. “I was very into my political science and law classes, but any other subjects were hard for me to do well in because I didn’t care as much about them.”

Schwechler was the first in her family to go to college, where she majored in political science, with a legal or political career as her goal. The political atmosphere at the height of the 2016 presidential elections made her feel she could make a difference by advocating for legislation on humanitarian issues.

Schwechler was also a dancer for two years in college, which was a hard pill to swallow for her strict parents. While she had to find the balance between her studies and dancing, it paid for school and let her enjoy the feeling of freedom that came with dancing.

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But her parents came to terms with it and, according to the songwriter, they began redefining their religious views. It has certainly helped them accept her music now and be happy for her.

It was in Schwechler’s last college winter break, amid preparing for the LSAT and law school, that she began reconsidering what she really wanted for her future. It was then that Schwechler decided music was her dream, so she dropped out of college altogether in February 2018.

Her risk-taking paid off, and she debuted as a singer with steadily growing visibility. When asked by EarnTheNecklace.com about possibly returning to politics, Schwechler’s response was, “Definitely not, but maybe some political philanthropy in my future.”

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Almondmilkhunni’s Debut Track “Grapefruit” Went Viral

Brandy Schwechler dropped out of college feeling confident she could make it as a singer-songwriter. That dream came to fruition with her independent debut track, “Grapefruit,” in 2019,

Technical issues nearly derailed the release of the song. Schwechler nonetheless threw herself into the studio, to re-record the track three times. “Grapefruit” would become her breakout hit, racking up over 830k streams organically.

“Grapefruit” got the young artist Lil Yachty’s seal of approval and got her noticed by Lil Tecca’s manager, who was instrumental in getting her a record deal.

The song made her famous as Almondmilkhunni, which was the name the former barista came up with. What started as a username related to her choosing almond milk for her lattes blew up on social media. As people had started to recognize her as Almondmilkhunni, Schwechler decided to go for that as her stage name.

The newfound fame would also give her a platform from which she could advocate for sex workers and body positivity. The former dancer wants to take the stigma out of sex work and encourage others to be true to their authentic selves.

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Almondmilkhunni’s Debut EP Released in 2020

“Henni Heartbreak” followed “Grapefruit,” and showcased Schwechler more as a songwriter. Her second 2019 track is more Taylor Swiftian in that it is the product of a breakup.

“’Henni Heartbreak’ was written literally the morning after I saw the person who that song is about for the last time, so writing that song was really easy because it was coming off of fresh emotion,” Almondmilkhunni said.

After Schwechler scored a record deal with Electric Feel Records, she dropped her self-titled debut EP featuring three new songs in March 2020. The EP’s focus single, “Bandana,” samples Usher’s “U Remind Me.” She counts the “Confessions” artist among her inspirations, along with Aaliyah, Rihanna, and Ginuwine.

“Bandana” is another song shading her ex lyrically. According to the song, the ex got together with another girl who looks like Schwechler.  But said ex isn’t hitting her up about all the songs she wrote about him, because she has him blocked.

The year 2020 is slated to be the year of Almondmilkhunni, even if social distancing has cancelled plans to promote her music. She’s an unstoppable creative force who’s bringing new music this month for those of us who need a new bop during quarantine.

Almondmilkhunni’s new single, “Cherry” feat. Flo Milli, drops on May 27, and you’d be a fool not to stream it first.

In the future, Schwechler hopes to collaborate with Megan Thee Stallion and her other favorite artists, write songs for others, take care of her family, and be a positive role model. When things are back to normal, this hot new artist is looking forward to performing her songs for fans.

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