It’s no surprise that someone as famous as Beyonce would receive a lot of attention; however, that sphere of influence extends to anyone and everyone who knows her. But now, one of the people in her life is stealing some of that spotlight, and they’re not even a fellow famous celebrity—they’re family! That person is Kristin Douglas, Beyonce’s cousin, and a single photo has made her the talk of the Internet. However, her not being famous has made info all the rarer. With that said, allow us to serve as your Kristin Douglas wiki of sorts and share what we know.

Overnight Fame

Kristin Douglas first came into the public eye after a photo was posted featuring her with Beyonce at the funeral for her uncle, Lumis “Skip” Joseph Beyincé, in Webster, Texas; as you may have guessed, Beyonce’s first name is based on her uncle’s surname. Douglas’ stunning looks in the photo, combined with her association with the famous signer—she never brought attention to the fact before—has led to her becoming a sensation overnight, despite not having a single song or acting credit to her name. In fact, she went from under 3,000 followers before the photo was posted to over 80,000 in mere days!


Not much is known about Kristin Douglas’ past and upbringing yet; after all, she’s been famous for less than a week. While her date of birth and age are unknown, she has provided a hint in her Instagram bio, in which she lists herself as a Taurus, putting her birthday between May 15 and June 21. That same Instagram also featured a post of Douglas—using a picture of her famous cousin—complaining about the traffic in Houston, Texas, from which she can surmise she lives in the Houston area. She also appears to be a practicing Christian (or at least believes in God).


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Besides her famous cousin, Douglas has a sister as well, Kelsi Leggett, who has also been complimented on her appearance. However, Leggett hasn’t received the same amount of attention having closed her Instagram account, though some photos are still out there in the wilds of the Internet.

But perhaps most important to Kristin Douglas are her two children: 18-year-old Aja and three-year-old Ashton. Her daughter is the splitting image of her and is apparently a performer in musicals; perhaps she was influenced by a certain relative? As for young Ashton, he’s the focus of most of Douglas’ pictures on social media, and it’s clear she loves and thinks the world of her little boy.


Beyonce’s cousin, again on her Instagram, shared that she works as a nurse. She has taken a selfie in her work scrubs before, though at the time she was there as the mother of the patient (her son) rather than on call as an employee. That may be why it’s seemingly the only picture of Douglas at work on her account: she possibly takes her job seriously enough to not take pics at work—or perhaps the hospital just has strict rules against it.

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