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The Internet freaked out when a video leaked of Alison Riske’s ‘coach’ telling her to “stfu.” As it turns out, the man in the video is not her coach, but rather Alison Riske’s boyfriend, Stephen Amritraj. In the video, he attempted to cover his mic, but his voice was still audible. Many news outlets falsely reported it was Riske’s coach yelling at her. Thanks to Twitter, Riske corrected the reports, “He’s not my coach, he’s my boyfriend. He came here using vacation time & helped me get a top 10 win today.” She topped off the tweet with a flexing emoji, a hands in the air emoji, and best of all, a fist punch emoji. Sassy! Some people may be wondering if Amritraj is Alison Riske’s fiancé, but until he puts a ring on it, that’s simply not true! Who is this man, anyway? For more information on Alison Riske’s boyfriend, keep reading.

He Used to Play Tennis

Like his tennis player girlfriend, Stephen Amritraj also played professional tennis for India, however, now he is inactive. He plays right-handed, and won $39,589 in prize money. A love for tennis runs in his family; he is the son of former world tour player Anand Amritraj, and the cousin of former professional player Prakash Amritraj.

According to his USTA online profile, he attended Duke University, where he played for the men’s team between 2002-2006. During this time, he ranked No. 4 in the country and reached the NCAA Elite Eight.


He Coaches Men’s Tennis

Perhaps the reason for the confusion in regards to the video is attributed to Amritraj’s coaching career. That being said, he definitely does not coach women’s tennis. He began working at the USTA Player Development on January 6, 2014 as National Coach for Men’s Tennis. His job responsibilities include facilitating coaching and training programs to help develop the best prospects.

USTA National Coach Stephen Amritraj talks about College Tennis & the development pathway from college to the pros.

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His Girlfriend was Born for Tennis

Alison Riske’s hot career was written in the stars! She began playing tennis when she was only three years old. Her father, Al was the first to take her out to play. He worked in the Secret Service before becoming an FBI investigator. Her mother, Carol, worked as a school teacher. Riske’s parents are both retired. A love for tennis also runs in her family – her sister, Sarah, played for Vanderbilt and had a short professional career. Riske’s brother, Dan, played tennis in college at West Liberty State and now works as an accountant.




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