Kye “Shocker” Kelley truly shocked everyone when he called out his girlfriend, Lizzy Musi, to a race on Street Outlaws. While Kelley is burning up the streets with Musi, where is his ex-wife, Alisa Mote? Keep reading to find out.

Street Outlaws fans, start your engines! Big Chief’s crew knows a thing or two about catching attention, and this time, it’s Kye Kelley.

The latest episode of Street Outlaws was a thrilling one to watch. Kelley challenged his girlfriend, Lizzy Musi, to a No Prep Kings race!

After separating from his ex-wife, Alisa Mote, on the down-low, Kelley hasn’t shied from showing off his new romance. But where is the former Mrs. Kelley now?

Get the lowdown on Kye Kelley’s ex-wife with details from Alisa Mote’s wiki.

Kye Kelley and Alisa Mote

Devoted fans of Street Outlaws might be familiar with Kelley and his ex-wife. When he first appeared on the show, Kelley and Mote were newly-married and expecting their first child together.

Kenadeigh Kelley was born shortly after their marriage. Kelley has another child from a previous relationship.

After less than two years of marriage, it was revealed that Kelley and Mote had split. At the same time, Kelley went public with his relationship with fellow racer, Lizzy Musi, on Facebook in April 2017.

There are no reports on when Kye Kelley and Alisa Mote divorced.

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She’s Active on Social Media

There is very little information about Alisa Mote. However, we did learn a thing or two from her social media.

Although she goes by Alisa Mote on Twitter, she’s known on Instagram and Snapchat as Alisa Kelley.

While Kelley and Musi are racing together, Mote is enjoying motherhood with her daughter. Little Kenadeigh Kelly features heavily on her mom’s Instagram, looking cute as a button.

You can also find plenty of Alisa Mote’s pics from her nights out with her girlfriends.

Mote is a baseball fan who supports the team at Southwest Mississippi Community College. She loves listening to Uptown Funk Band. And, like most of us, she loves Big Little Lies.

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She’s a Nurse

Alisa Mote reveals on her Facebook that she’s a professional nurse. The Mississippi native graduated from high school in McComb and went to college in Minnesota.

Mote graduated as a nurse practitioner from Walden University, Minneapolis. She’s currently working as a Flex-Ability Nurse at North Oaks Health System in Hammond, Louisiana.

Judging from her Twitter activity, Mote also helps out at a school. She shares pictures from a classroom at Mount Pleasant Elementary School and gushes about the students’ achievements.

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Who Is Alisa Mote’s Ex-Husband?

Kye Kelley grew up in Southern Mississippi and has been interested in racing cars since he was old enough to drive. He started out on dirt bikes and then moved on to fast cars, eventually becoming the person every race driver wants to beat.

Before Kelley ended up on Street Outlaws, he worked in the oil fields right out of college. He later opened his own shop in McComb, Mississippi where he grew up.

Kelley is best known in the drag racing circles for his Camaro named “The Shocker.”

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The drag racer is now dating Lizzy Musi, the daughter of another legendary racer, Pat Musi. Musi reportedly nursed him back to health when he suffered from a herniated disc in his spine.

Shortly after going public with their relationship on Facebook, Kye Kelley shared a video of Lizzy Musi’s dad, Pat Musi, tuning The Shocker.