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Alicia Keys gave birth to Swizz Beatz’s fifth child, Genesis Ali Dean, last year on December 27, and in honor of their son’s first birthday, the father celebrated in such a way that he officially won all our hearts as well as the Father of the Year award.

He first shared a photo of Keys handing their son a white rose as he smiled, with the caption, “Happy 1st Birthday my Prince Genesis. Also Happy Birthing Day My Love.” Aw! As if that was not enough to win our hearts, Beatz soon followed with a short video of the cake being brought into the room.

HBD Prince Genesis????????????????????????????the Big #1 blessings and Love????????????????

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With a chorus of “Happy Birthday” being sung in the background, the proud parents could also be heard singing. Meanwhile, little Genesis looked on at the bright lights in fascination. Fans noticed this and expressed how cute it was. One said, “I’m melting away with Alicia’s smile and Genesis’ ‘wow’ face [sic],” while another noted, “How ballin’ is Baby G that he throws his 1st birthday party in Switzerland..? [sic]” Pretty cool actually!

In the next photo, Keys raised a toast to her son as he looked up curiously at the balloons she held. However, the last post was what caught the attention of most fans. In it, the rapper could be seen pulling his son, who was wrapped up like a mini-burrito in a sled, across the ice. Beatz explained how they spent the day, writing, “Having a blast with the Bday boy. I feel more like the kid rite now:) I can’t understand how 1year went so fast. Blessings & Love 4 Life. Love Dad…. [sic]”

Several Instagram users wrote along the lines of “great father” and “great work dad,” expressing their opinions on how good a father Swizz Beatz is. One also pointed out, “He’s only one and he’s already rollin’ on the ice! [sic]” Another hilarious comment on the no-snow situation in most of the world was, “This guy so rich he bought snow just so lil man can have a merry Christmas!! [sic]”