Alicia Keys has her sights set on a shiny new instrument, but it’s so exclusive that even she can’t get her hands on it—at least not yet.

The multiple Grammy-winner shared a picture on her Instagram account of the Bogányi Piano, a luxurious, reinvented grand piano developed by renowned Hungarian pianist Gergely Bogányi. Along with the picture, Keys, an amazing pianist herself, added in her caption that she can’t wait to “feel it under [her] fingers.”

Bogányi has reportedly spent thousands of hours over the past 10 years to perfect the piano, which he describes as a “new dimension of modern day piano, while paying all respect and attention to the finer points of traditional classical piano heritage.”


Because of its sleek and edgy design, the instrument looks like it belongs alongside the Batmobile. But aside from its modernized, futuristic design, the real focus of the Bogányi piano was to produce the highest possible quality of sound—even the legs of the piano were specially designed to project its powerful sound.

It’s no wonder that Alicia Keys would appreciate such a masterpiece. After all, the 34-year-old musician has been studying and playing classical piano since she was seven. Keys even did a promotional five-city tour in 2011 that featured just her and her piano on stage.

Having the Bogányi Piano would most definitely take Alicia Keys’ career to the next level. The only problem is that it isn’t exactly available. The piano is expected to officially go on sale sometime this year, but Gergely Bogányi himself has no idea how much it’ll sell for. It’s safe to say it won’t be cheap though, considering he reportedly spent upwards of $1.5 million to develop it.

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