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Ali Wong is a chef with an unlucky romance streak in the new Netflix rom-com, Always Be My Maybe. But in real life, the in-your-face comedian is a married mom of two. With her husband being the subject of many of her biting routines, you’ve got to wonder: Who is Ali Wong married to? Her husband is businessman Justin Hakuta, and with a wife as beautiful and funny as Wong, he definitely hit the jackpot! 

About Justin Hakuta
Age40 Years
BirthOctober 18, 1982
SpouseAli Wong 2014 - Present
ChildrenMari Hakuta
SiblingsKenzo Hakuta, Aki Hakuta
ParentsKen Hakuta, Marilou Cantiller
AddressLos Angeles, California
CountryUnited States
JobVice President, Entrepreneur
Net Worth$1.2 million
AlumniHarvard Business School, Carnegie Mellon University, Sidwell Friends School, Washington D.C.

Keep reading to know more about Ali Wong’s husband and biggest supporter,  Justin Hakuta, right here!

Justin Hakuta’s Family of Creative Minds

Ali Wong with Justin's Aunt

Ali Wong with Justin’s Aunt. Credits: Instagram/jhakuta

Before he met Ali Wong, Justin Hakuta was familiar with the performing business. His dad, Ken Hakuta, was an inventor and a TV showman since the ‘80s. You might recognize him as Dr. Fad.

Ken Hakuta was the host of the kid’s show, The Dr. Fad Show, in the ‘80s. It was about science and inventions to help promote children’s creativity.

The show was a success for almost a decade. And many children benefited from the knowledge he passed on to them.

Ken Hakuta was a prolific inventor and was awarded the Inventor of the Year Award from the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

The inventor met Marilou Cantiller, a Filipina, when they both worked at the World Bank. Cantiller continued as a research assistant in the legal department of the World Bank, while Hakuta became Dr. Fad.

Justin Hakuta’s parents married in 1977 and had three children together: Justin, Kenzo, and Aki, who would frequently visit Japan with their parents. The Hakutas lived in a beautiful Victorian home near Washington National Cathedral.

Marilou Cantiller is nothing short of creative herself. Considering her husband and his mother are masters in Japanese cuisine, Cantiller, who only knew Filipino cuisine, learned the Japanese culinary art from her mother-in-law.

Pretty soon, she was able to make a seven-course Japanese meal while adapting to her children’s allergies.

Justin Hakuta’s Business Savvy

Ken Hakuta is known to be one of the greatest marketing masterminds of his time. He ran an export business, knew the ins and outs of the Asian markets, and made a $20.0 million fortune out of the popular ‘80s toy, the Wacky Wall Walker.

It’s no surprise Justin Hakuta inherited his business savvy ways.

Born on October 18, 1982, Justin Hakuta’s age is 35. He has multiple business interests like his father and he’s done very well for himself.

According to Justin Hakuta’s LinkedIn page, he went to Sidwell Friends School in D.C. and graduated in 2000. He then studied abroad at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico from 2002 to 2003.

He also graduated with a B.S. in Decision Science from Carnegie Mellon University and went on to follow his dad’s footsteps to receive an MBA from Harvard Business School. Did we mention he’s also a Fullbright Scholar?

Now, that’s what you call a résumé!

After graduating from Harvard, Hakuta ventured into many fields like leading a team of developers at DirectTV-Digital Innovation Lab, and being a product manager at Good RX. Hakuta is currently the vice president of product at GoodRx.

With a knack for entrepreneurship and love for meditation, Justin Hakuta founded YogaStart, an online resource for yoga and wellness services. His passion for being healthy has led him to work with various health-related businesses. He also wrote a series of wellness articles for the Huffington Post.

Aside from launching organizations like The Human Trafficking Project and All Day Buffet, he has even worked for various Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability style companies, including Honest Tea, Seventh Generation, and Patagonia.

While Hakuta has been successful in most of his ventures, he has also been between jobs a lot. But his comedian wife has been by his side through it all, supporting everything he takes on.

Justin Hakuta and Ali Wong posing by the riverside

Justin Hakuta and Ali Wong posing by the lakeside. Credits: Instagram/aliwong

When Justin Met Ali

Justin Hakuta married Ali Wong in 2014 after they met at a wedding in 2010. Rom-com tropes make weddings a dreadful social situation for singles, but for Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta, it was love at first sight.

In fact, Wong gushed that she knew Hakuta was a catch.

“So I was, like, ‘All right, Ali, you gotta make this dude believe that your body is a secret garden,’” She recalled her first thoughts about meeting Hakuta. “When really it’s a public park that has hosted many reggae fests, and has even accidentally let… (Wong mentally counted) two homeless people inside. I thought they were hipsters.”

She invited him to one of her shows before they began dating. When he saw her stand-up performance, he was enthralled.

Hakuta and Wong are parents to a beautiful little girl named Mari, born in November 2015, and they welcomed their second child in early 2018. Mari was named after Wong’s idol, Mari Kondo, the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

Being the Butt of Jokes

Justin Hakuta Businessman

Justin Hakuta in a black suit. Credits: Instagram/aliwong

Ali Wong’s no-holds-barred style means even her husband and kids aren’t spared from her stand-up content. Hakuta is perhaps the biggest Ali Wong fan out there, even if he makes up more than half of her subject matter.

And like every supportive husband married to a comedian, Hakuta makes a good test subject for Wong’s new material, including taking center stage in her hit, Hard Knock Wife.

Wong said, “We have this system where I will test out a joke that involves him at small shows in Los Angeles and if I think it really has legs and it’s almost near completion, I’ll go to him and say, ‘Here it is. Yay or nay?’ If he’s like, ‘I don’t want that out there’, then it’s scratched.”

The comedian happily omits anything her husband doesn’t approve of and said, “Marriage is a priority over material. I can always make new jokes, but I can’t marry another man. I don’t want to.”

Wong also has her husband’s back, especially career-wise. Even though her mom was worried about his fluctuating career, Wong thought otherwise. She didn’t want Hakuta to deal with the “toxic environment” in his line of work.

Among the things Hakuta and Wong do as a family, they sing, “Baby Beluga,” to put Mari to sleep. They are also big on meditation and yoga.

Their second child was born in January 2018, and Wong was still seven months pregnant with her baby number two when Hard Knock Wife was being filmed.

Their home has a shed with ambient paintings where Hakuta meditates. Before their first child was born, they also went on silent meditation retreats together.

Hakuta is not very active on social media. His Twitter has been inactive since late 2017, and the majority of his Instagram posts are about his wife’s shows and behind the scenes looks.

Justin Hakuta’s Instagram also reveals he shares his father’s love for art.