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We’re only two episodes into this season of The Bachelor and people are already looking for information on the cast members’ families. One of Nick Viall’s lucky ladies, Alexis, has already acquired many devoted fans looking for any connection to her family tree. If you’ve been wasting your time Googling, “Alexis The Bachelor family” or anything similar, then stop what you’re doing!

So far, we’ve learned that there are some interesting personalities with this batch of Bachelor contestants, and that goes double for Alexis “Shark Girl” Waters—even though she thought she was a dolphin, she still made a memorable impression. Is her family anything like her? You’re about to find out with these four facts you need to know about Alexis’ family.

The Waters Family are Invisible

No, we don’t mean literally, just that they’re hard to track down, despite our amazing detective skills! Sherlock Holmes and Batman have nothing on us, but we could’ve used their help in finding out a little more on Alexis’ family.  If you’ve searching the Internet, using terms such as “Alexis The Bachelor father,” “Alexis The Bachelor mother, and “Alexis The Bachelor parents,” then you’re out of luck. There’s no digital footprint of Alexis’ parents anywhere!

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The Waters Family are Very Close

Blood may be thicker than water, but the Waters family are thick as thieves. On her Bachelor profile page, Alexis lists her family as one of the most important things in her life. It clearly shows, based on the photos of them splashed all over her Instagram account!

Sister, Sister

If you’ve been searching “Alexis The Bachelor sister,” “Alexis The Bachelor brother,” and “Alexis The Bachelor siblings,” then chances are you haven’t come up with anything. Another popular question is, “how many sisters/brothers does Alexis from The Bachelor have?” As it turns out, Alexis has two sisters, Nikki and Tara. There’s also a Ron Waters, but the relation to the family is unknown. Is he her brother or is he her cousin? So far, it remains a mystery. Tara is also married and she has two daughters with her husband. As much as Alexis loves her family, she is seemingly closest with her sister, Nikki. They are seen in several photos together on Instagram, some with them rocking bangs!

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The Hometown Date

Is the Waters family hometown date material? If they’re anything like Alexis, then Nick will have a great time, if of course, Alexis makes it that far. It’s too soon to tell if she’s the one, but anyone who can dress up as a shark while thinking they’re a dolphin, is someone who knows how to have fun! Here’s hoping Nick gets to know Alexis more and meet her family up close and personal.