Political Reporter, Alexi McCammond (Photo: Instagram/leximccammond)

About Alexi McCammond
SiblingsBraxton, Aubyn McGinley
ParentsShelli McCammond McGinley
AddressWashington, D.C
CountryUnited States
JobPolitical Reporter
AlumniUniversity of Chicago
Works ForAxios
Age24 Years
Instagram Profileleximccammond

Alexi McCammond is passionate about everything related to politics and women’s issues. It comes as no surprise that she has come so far at a very young age. And it looks like the sky is the limit for McCammond. Here are some details about the political reporter from Alexi McCammond’s wiki.

Alexi McCammond’s Bio

Alexi McCammond’s age is 24. She’s originally from Chicago, Illinois and currently lives in Washington, D.C. She attended Guilford High School in Rockford, Illinois.

Growing up, McCammond wanted to be a doctor and had dreams of attending Northwestern University or the University of Chicago. But her father, who was the family’s sole breadwinner, lost his manufacturing job during her junior year. So, she was worried about paying her college fees.


However, it looked like God heard her prayers. She earned a full, four-year academic scholarship to the University of Chicago amounting to $60,000 a year, which covered her tuition, books, and housing expenses.

In 2011, McCammond attended the University of Chicago and graduated in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Romance Languages & Literature.

Her Career in Political Journalism

While pursuing her education at the University of Chicago, McCammond worked as a political reporter for almost four months at The Gate Undergraduate Political Review.

From October 2014 to June 2015, McCammond worked as a marketing and communications intern at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

During her internship, she handled an online rebranding project and came up with social media content for various platforms. She also wrote and published weekly newsletters and global marketing materials.


McCammond was a digital editorial intern and a freelance political writer at Cosmopolitan magazine in 2015. She wrote freelance political articles for their website.


While working at Cosmopolitan, McCammond wrote about her experience of being drugged when she accepted a drink from a stranger. She warned readers to be careful while going out drinking with friends.

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In January 2016, McCammond started working as a news and political writer at Bustle. She wrote three to five articles per shift, concentrating on politics, news, and breaking news.


McCammond then became the associate news editor at Bustle in May 2016 and covered the 2016 presidential debates. She also hosted Facebook Live and Snapchat interviews at DNC.

Besides writing, McCammond edited and published several articles. She also hosted Bustle’s Love, Factually video series. She worked with Bustle until February 2017.

Currently, McCammond works as a political reporter at Axios. She is covering the 2018 midterm elections. Additionally, Alexi McCammond is Axios’ deputy news desk editor.


Throughout her reporting career, McCammond appeared on MSNBC, KGO radio, WNYC’S Political Party with Keli Goff, Fox Business, WHDT World News, and WJLA.

McCammond is passionate about women’s issues, pizza, politics, and her dog.

Alexi McCammond’s Controversy with Donald Trump

Back when McCammond was working as associate news editor at Bustle and covering the presidential elections in 2016, she had a brief encounter with Donald Trump. She was standing in the press pit when Trump came near the journalists who were holding video cameras and other equipment.

McCammond set her phone on record and held it towards Trump and asked him, “How would you respond to young women who are nervous about voting for you?”

She stated that Trump grabbed her wrist, pushed down her hand that was holding the phone, and said, “Put that down.”

McCammond recorded the incident on her phone and tweeted it, which went viral. She said that Trump didn’t hurt her physically when he shoved her hand down.

Awards and Accomplishments

Alexi McCammond at SI Newhouse School

Alexi McCammond at SI Newhouse School of Communications (Photo: Instagram/leximccammond)

McCammond has been named for her accomplishments, hard work, and determination including S.I. Newhouse Fellow (2015–2016), National Quest Bridge Scholar (2011-2015), and Kappa Alpha Theta – Event Director and Alumnae Outreach Chair (2014).

Alexi McCammond’s Family

McCammond’s mother is Shelli McCammond McGinley, and she lives in Rockford, Illinois. She graduated from Rockford University and is the co-owner of Rockford’s Royal Family All Stars.

Shelli McCammond Mcginley

Alexi McCammond’s Mother, Shelli McCammond McGinley (Photo: Facebook/shelli.mcginley)

Although not much is known about McCammond’s father, we do know that he is half white and stands tall at six-foot-three.

McCammond’s brother, Braxton, lives in Rockford, Illinois and graduated from Rock Valley College. He got engaged to Bridget Falgiatano in 2013, and the couple has a daughter together named Brynleigh.

Her sister is Aubyn McGinley, who studied nursing at Rockford University and is currently a student nurse intern at MercyHealth Rockford. She is in a relationship with Nick Momaly.

The 24-year-old political reporter is very much active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Rob Groulx

Alexi Mccammond With Rob Groulx (Photo: Instagram/leximccammond)

According to Alexi McCammond’s Instagram posts, she is in a relationship with Rob Groulx. He shoots and edits films.

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