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The worst nightmare of any movie producer is the pirated version of their hard work being leaked to the public. Google Trends show that people are searching for, “watch Suicide Squad online,” “Suicide Squad streaming,” “Suicide Squad download free.” We can’t understand why people would want to download the pirated version of the film instead of going to the theaters and experiencing the full, HD experience (or 3D if it’s available!)

Viewers have been increasingly searching for Suicide Squad streaming, Suicide Squad putlocker, Suicide Squad full movie, Suicide Squad torrent, and Suicide Squad stream online. Theaters across the world are always on the lookout whenever such huge budget films get released, as piracy has become a major issue. Suicide Squad is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the summer with a huge list of talented stars, so there is no doubt that versions of it will be pirated and leaked online.

Alert on Google Trends

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The Suicide Squad movie was released today (August 5), and Google noted a drastic gain on some illegal searches. There’s a substantial increase for searches like, “Watch Suicide Squad online” and “Suicide Squad download free.” Similar terms are seen rising in the Queries box on Google Trends.

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It seems like individuals are ditching the theaters, where they can watch the best quality of the new Suicide Squad movie. However, by the looks of it, people aren’t opposed to watching a low quality, pirated version of the movie at home, which is absolutely against the law. Downloading the pirated version through a Suicide Squad movie torrent is illegal and not a good way to enjoy an awesome film. The best way to watch this film is by going to the theaters and watching it in the company of your friends and family! There’s no comparison when it comes to enjoying the cinematic experience as opposed to seeing a pirated copy at home.

Unfortunately, the searches on “Watch Suicide Squad streaming” has been continuously increasing in the past 24 hours. Shady piracy web sites are hosting servers for streaming the Suicide Squad film illegally. And, they even get huge traffic as there’s hardly anyone refusing the chance to watch Suicide Squad movie online for free.

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What people fail to understand is that piracy is a crime and downloading movies from unreliable sources not just adds virus to your personal computer or your laptop, but it is also encourages hackers to take full advantage. It not just harms your personal computer but it could also your life, as pirated versions of films are highly illegal. Another thing people forget is that, if the sales of movie ticket in the theaters are high, millions of people involved in its production (including promotion and distribution) get paid well. However, when a pirated copy of the movie gets leaked, it dampens the gross box office collections and creates a huge loss for the film makers. Not to mention the fact that the entire crew’s payout for future or pending projects is affected.

Nowadays, all the major blockbusters are getting leaked and the producers are suffering huge losses because of it. Movies that were leaked prior to their release include. Captain America: Civil War, Expendables 3, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Transformers: Age of Extinction.

What producers fail to understand why people want to download the pirated version of the film, even before it gets released? These people are putting their hard work, money, and time to create something for their audience at risk. But still, people have this weird fascination with downloading the pirated, leaked versions. Maybe it’s this day and age we live in, where information is so instant and easily accessible, that it has worn our patience thin. Just keep in mind, the laws in the U.S. regarding piracy are pretty strict, so if a person gets caught downloading from any shady website, he or she may have to pay a fine or worse forms of punishment. So, be sure to check out Suicide Squad in the theater, as it opens today!