ALERT: Internet Goes Crazy as Donald Trump’s “Sniffing” Continues in Tonight’s Debate

Donald Trump Cocaine
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GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has set the Internet on fire with his constant sniffing during the presidential debates. His sniffing is loud enough to catch everyone’s attention and even prompted some to keep count of the number of times he’s sniffed! Everyone is now wondering what has got the Trump sniffing—could it be a stroke, allergies…or the truth?

Other than his Democratic counterpart, Hillary Clinton, Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump had a bigger opponent to deal with at the debate on Sunday. This opponent is not human, but rather a condition—a curious case of  the sniffles! Trump spent the better part of his mic time very noticeably sniffing during the first two presidential debates. During the first debate, everyone was wondering what had him breathing so audibly, but after the second debate, the “Twitterati” had their own hilarious theories.

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Many are concerned about Trump’s health, wondering if he’s suffering the symptoms of a stroke or if he’s low on stamina. Some wonder if he’s on drugs or some other substance. Some are joking he’s simply allergic to the truth!

During the first presidential debate, many had noticed that Trump was visibly sniffing, a lot. He blamed the microphone, saying that something was wrong with it, but people weren’t exactly buying that explanation.

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After the first debate, former governor Howard Dean (a physician by profession and a Clinton supporter) casually wondered if Trump was a cocaine user. However, he was criticized (mostly by his own party) and apologized immediately for his remark, though not directly to Trump.

During the second presidential debate, everybody caught Trump’s sniffles again as he spoke. Like the last debate, people are unconvinced that it’s got anything to do with the microphone.

Even First Lady Michelle Obama took a subtle dig at Trump’s sniffing excuse, eliciting some laughter.

Some were sure his sniffing is an “allergic” reaction to things that displease him, or is a sign that he’s lying.

Although many are joking about his sniffing, some are also very disturbed by his overall behavior, in addition to the sniffing. While Clinton was moving around, talking and responding to the voters, Trump was almost invading her personal space. He was prowling behind her, sniffling and scowling at anything that displeased him.

Whatever it is, let’s just laugh at the hilarity of the whole sniffing situation, and keep some tissues ready for the final debate on October 19!



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