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What makes people not want to go to the theaters to watch a new movie anymore? As soon as a possible blockbuster gets released, people want to either download the entire movie right away or stream it online. This tendency of “movie buffs” hasn’t changed a bit, which scares filmmakers to the core. That’s why the filmmakers at Marvel are concerned about the search term “Watch Captain America: Civil War full movie” rising on Google Trends. Piracy of the new Captain America movie is on the rise as there tons of users searching ways to download Captain America: Civil War as soon as possible.

Theaters across the world are always on the lookout whenever such blockbusters get released. After being termed as the “finest” Marvel movie so far, the Captain America: Civil War movie is right on the edge of getting pirated and being leaked online. This “piracy alert” has gone off, and the distributors at Disney are doing their best to prevent losses.

Piracy Alert on Google Trends

The Captain America: Civil War movie was released today (May 6), and Google has noticed a drastic gain on some illegal searches. There’s a substantial increase for searches like “Watch Captain America: Civil War full movie” and “Download Captain America: Civil War full movie.” Similar terms are seen rising in the Queries box on Google Trends.

Google Trends: Captain America Full Movie

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It looks like people are ditching the theaters, where they can watch the new Captain America movie in 3D. Instead, they want to watch a poor print at home, which is totally against the law. Downloading the pirated version through a Captain America: Civil War movie torrent is illegal and just a sad way to enjoy an amazing flick. It’s a Marvel blockbuster and the best way to watch it is in 3D or IMAX 3D. There’s no comparison when it comes to enjoying cinema-going experience as opposed to seeing a pirated copy at home.

Google Trends: Captain America Streaming

Photo: Google Trends

Unfortunately, the searches on “Watch Captain America: Civil War full movie online” have been rising in the past 24 hours. Shady piracy web sites are hosting servers for streaming the Captain America: Civil War movie illegally. And, they even garner huge traffic as there’s hardly anyone refusing the chance to watch the Captain America: Civil War movie for free.

Recent Movies Losing Money Due to Piracy

What most of us don’t get is that piracy is truly a crime and harms hard-working people in many ways. If a movie earns well, the millions of people involved in its production, promotion, and distribution get paid well. But, when a pirated copy of the movie gets leaked, it dampens the gross box office collections and creates a huge loss for the makers. The entire crew’s payout for future or pending projects gets affected.

Remember the time the Expendables 3 movie was leaked just before its release? The producers and distributors had to face a loss worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It got ugly when cops caught the miscreants involved in the piracy and were sued with a major piracy lawsuit. The Wolf of Wall Street and Transformers: Age of Extinction are two recent movies that have suffered major loss due to piracy as well.