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If you’re loving Alec Baldwin’s Trump impersonations on Saturday Night Live, then you will love the latest updates on Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin! Hollywood couple Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin have been spotted in the Hamptons for the summer and they have been making headlines lately. If you want to know more, then you need to keep reading our Hilaria Baldwin wiki.

Who is Hilaria Baldwin?

Alec Baldwin’s wife’s age is 33 and she was born Hilaria Baldwin (nee Thomas) on January 6, 1984, in Majorca, Spain. She is a business owner, yoga instructor and author of the book The Living Clearly Method.

Hilaria Baldwin’s Kids

Alec, 59, already has a daughter, 21-year-old model/actress Ireland Baldwin, with ex-wife Kim Basinger, but he also has three other children with Hilaria. Alec and Hilaria have been married since 2012 and their children are Rafael Thomas, 2, Carmen Gabriela, 3, and their 10-month-old son, Leonardo Angel Charles.

Alec and Hilaria Renew Their Vows

On Friday, June 30, the Match Game host and his wife renewed their vows with their children close by in front of close family and friends. The couple has been married for half a decade and renewed their vows at the Wolffer Estate Winery in Long Island, New York. Alec wore a black suit, while Hilaria wore a champagne-colored gown that reached the floor.


She Knows How to Lose Baby Weight!  

As a yoga teacher, it’s no surprise that Hilaria was able to shed those pounds after having her latest bundle of joy! The mother of three spoke out about her weight loss on the official Hilaria Baldwin Instagram account.

“People will ask me all the time what my regimen is after having a baby. I’ll tell you: it’s nothing crazy,” wrote Baldwin. “It’s about balance and consistency.” In the post, she also talks about her diet and her “tremendous respect for the human body.”

“People who have dinner with me will be surprised that I will often order pasta and dessert,” she continued. “They judgingly assume that I eat lettuce and drink water only. Definitely not. I have learned to become present to the act of eating, so I enjoy it the most, and don’t eat more than is good for my body.”

She added that she tries to move around daily and complete more intense and efficient workouts 4-5 times per week. “I basically treat my body with care and respect…this is why it goes back to close to what it was pre-babies (it will never be the same…and, as all parents know: well worth the sacrifice,” she explained.

And yes, her account is also where you can find Hilaria Baldwin’s hot pics! (She is one hot mama!)


Her Husband Isn’t a Trump Fan

While she doesn’t want her husband running for office, that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to keep his mouth shut about the current commander in chief.


“He’s animated, Alec told Vulture magazine. “Many people I know feel with Trump that something is wrong with him neurologically, psychologically. That may be so. But I think more than anything, he doesn’t think things through. He ran for president out of spite, and he won because it’s rigged. And now he’s miserable. Now people spit on him and mock him, and his supporters are not his crowd. What is he going to do, go to a barbecue in West Virginia every day with a bunch of unemployed people?” Clearly, Alec Baldwin holds nothing back when it comes to The Donald!


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