You’d think that just welcoming a new baby would make any man a bit of a softie. But it looks like newfound fatherhood might just be fueling Alec Baldwin’s temper a little more. The 55-year-old actor is known for violently confronting pushy paparazzi. Just a couple days after the birth of his new baby girl, Baldwin was at it again when he shoved a photographer for getting too close to his young wife, 29-year-old Hilaria Thomas.

The celebrity couple stepped out in public for an afternoon stroll when two photographers started trailing them. His wife reportedly ducked into a nearby shop to take cover and when the photographers tried to follow her inside, Baldwin asked them to stop taking pictures of them. According to a witness, the pair exchanged words briefly before Baldwin grabbed one of the photographers and threw him up against a nearby car. Other witnesses maintain that it was the photographer who instigated the scuffle; however, both men admitted to pushing and shoving. The police eventually showed up and the issue was cleared up on the spot. No one was arrested and both parties agreed that no charges would be filed.

The celebrity couple’s new baby wasn’t with them at the time, but we can only imagine Baldwin’s reaction to paparazzi trying to snap a picture of their newborn.


This isn’t the first time Baldwin has gotten himself into trouble for defending his young wife. A few months ago, the celebrity couple made headlines when Baldwin went on a furious Twitter rant after a journalist accused Thomas of tweeting during the funeral of actor James Gandolfini. In June 2012, Baldwin was accused of punching a newspaper photographer in the face for trying to get a shot of him and his wife picking up their marriage license just before their wedding. The photographer ended up filing an assault complaint against Baldwin, saying that he “lunged” toward him “like a raging bull.”

What do you think: Would you stay with a man if you knew that he had a violent temper?


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