Alec Baldwin with Hilaria Baldwin (Photo by: Lars Niki / Stringer / Getty Images)

Alec Baldwin isn’t one to back down from a fight, especially if it’s for the sake of his young wife, Hilaria Thomas. Baldwin, 55, set Twitter on fire last week when he blasted a reporter for accusing Thomas of tweeting during James Gandolfini’s funeral. Baldwin threatened to “f***” up the reporter, whom he called a “toxic little queen,” adding, “[I would] put my foot up your f***ing a**…but I’m sure you’d dig it too much.”

GLAAD, the leading organization for LGBT equality, didn’t take too kindly to Baldwin’s homophobic slurs, forcing the actor to release a statement apologizing for his harsh words. Baldwin admitted that the verbal attack was “ill-advised,” and that he never intended for it to be about “anyone’s sexual orientation.” He explained that he was upset about the reporter “blatantly lying and disseminating libelous information about [his] wife and her conduct” at the funeral service, adding, “As someone who fights against homophobia, I apologize.”

Despite the seemingly heartfelt apology to GLAAD, Baldwin has no remorse for trying to defend his wife. He believes his use of the word “queen” was misinterpreted because it has an entirely different meaning to him. “To me those are people who think the rules don’t apply to them,” he told a local New York blog site. “This guy could blatantly lie, I mean blatantly lie about my wife on the Internet and there are just no rules that apply to him, but that’s outrageous to me.”

What do you think: Is it possible that Alec Baldwin never meant to offend the LGBT community, or are his comments way out of line regardless?


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