If there’s any truth to celebrity tabloids (which there often is), Al Pacino and Lucila Sola have decided to pull the plug on their May-December relationship. The actor, 75, first started dating the much younger Argentinian actress back in 2010, and despite their 39-year age difference, things seemed to be going pretty well for the celebrity couple.

Unfortunately, according to an insider, Pacino and Sola’s May-December relationship had just run its course. “They are so close but it wasn’t meant to be,” a source reportedly told the U.K. tabloid The Sun, adding, “They’re both dedicated to their craft so sustaining a relationship was always going to be tough.”

Oddly enough, there’s no mention of the fact that there’s an age difference of nearly four decades between them. You would think that would be what would tear them apart if anything, especially considering the fact that her “craft” hasn’t included anything exceptionally mentionable since the early 2000s. Then there’s also the fact that just three months ago Pacino, who’s never been married before, hinted at the prospect of marriage, saying, “It’s very possible that this could happen.”


Considering all of this, there’s still the chance that this age gap couple is still perfectly happy together and that news of their breakup is nothing more than a rumor. Neither Al Pacino nor Lucila Sola has commented on the news of their split.


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Photo Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com


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