Model and TV show host Padma Lakshmi has revealed deep experiences of her personal life, like what it was like being married to prominent novelist Salman Rushdie, with her new book that was released today (March 8). After divorcing Rushdie in 2007, Padma Lakshmi has spilled the truth about their sexually implicit marriage in her debut memoir Love, Loss, and What We Ate, which was released on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Padma Lakshmi is currently single, but has dated quite a charming list of wealthy and worthy men over the past few years. However, her love life has been deeply impacted by her troubling married life with Booker Prize-winner Salman Rushdie.

Padma lakshmi

Salman Rushdie

Padma Lakshmi was essentially an Indian-born model living in America and had reportedly met award-winning author Salman Rushdie, also an Indian-born, in 1999. After five years of dating, the couple got married in 2004. Rushdie dedicated his Fury novel to Padma, but they had a bitter fall-out and got divorced in 2007. Considering the contents of Padma’s recently released autobiographical book, Rushdie had been very demanding for sexual favors while being married to the Top Chef host. Lakshmi has confessed about how every time he’d lose the Nobel Prize for Literature, she would be subjected to Salman’s excessive urges for sex. Padma had to pay this price every time Rushdie felt jealous and lost any award, making her married life quite painful, because during their marriage, Padma was diagnosed with endometriosis, a chronic disease related to the lining of the womb that made sexual intercourse a far more painful experience for her. Lakshmi’s memoir talks about how Salman found her disease to be nothing more than a “convenient” excuse for refusing sex, and this led to their bitter separation. Padma has also mentioned about how Salman called her “a bad investment” and wasn’t considerate about her ill health.


Love Life After Rushdie

Padma’s relationship with Rushdie and the harsh breakup had left her almost inconsolable, which led to more relationships and heartbreaks, one after the other. In 2007, Padma got into a relationship with venture capitalist and billionaire Adam Dell, brother of Dell Inc.’s CEO Michael Dell. They have a daughter together, Krishna Thea Lakshmi-Dell, but ended their relationship in 2009. That same year, she started dating another billionaire, Teddy Forstmann, the CEO and Chairman of IMG. This relationship ended within two years and Padma moved on to the next charming millionaire. She was rumored to have dated Indo-American hotel baron Vikram Chatwal in 2012, but that also ended within a year. In 2014, Padma Lakshmi had confirmed dating Richard Gere, but yet again, that ended within months as well.


Just like she’s known for being a “Supertaster” for her sense of smell and taste of a variety of foods, Padma Lakshmi has had a similar taste when it comes to dating famous and wealthy men. The 45-year-old Indian beauty is currently single and happy spending time with her daughter Krishna whenever she can.

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