No matter how old a person gets, their mother will likely continue to serve as a continuing source of love, advice, and inspiration. And that doesn’t change if you’re famous; if anything, a mother’s desire to help and protect their child only grows when they’re a celebrity, as now they have to protect them from being in the public eye, too. This is apparently a sentiment shared by Adrienne Bailon, who recently shared some simple advice from—and cute photos of—mommy dearest! And truth be told, it’s advice that we could all use.

The current co-host of The Real spent part of her Christmas vacation in a very cramped place: a photo booth! But she didn’t spend it there alone, as she was joined by her family, including her mother. The family took a bunch of cute photos, complete with silly faces and wacky poses, and labelled the image sets with “Merry Christmas 2015” so they could remember the time fondly.

Adrienne Bailon Shares the Smart Advice


But perhaps even more heartwarming is what Adrienne Bailon wrote as a part of the Instagram post. Besides hoping her fans had “a Magical Christmas,” she shared what her mother recently asked of her: “I followed my mother @nyricanmama’s request to be present in the moment & stay off my phone for a while. Well, clearly I’m an extremist… It’s been a whole 5 days! LOL [sic].”

Now this may seem rather unimpressive; after all, there are plenty of moms who wish their teenage daughters would spend less time glued to their phones. However, remember that Adrienne Bailon is a grown woman, and therefore doesn’t have to listen to what her parents tell her to do anymore. The fact that she did what her mom asked shows just how much she respects the matriarch and everything she has done for her and her family. Plus, even celebrities need to unplug once in a while, especially around the holidays.

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