Adam Levine (Photo:Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

2:06 / 13:27Adam Levine had Instagram buzzing when he revealed a serious back tattoo that covered almost that entire portion of his body. According to Levine’s post, the tattoo was “6 months in the making,” and once you see the image, you’ll know right away why it took as long as it did.

It’s hard to explain exactly what the image is, but our best guess is it looks like a mermaid angel holding a skull. Odd description, but it makes a lot more sense once you actually see it. Check it out:

The Maroon 5 frontman’s tattoo is just another in the line of some pretty crazy celebrity body art. Here’s a look at a few others who have created a stir with their tattoos. In no particular order, here are five celebrities who have unusual ink that might actually surprise you.

  1. Ed Sheeran: His chest tattoo of a lion is the one we’re talking about specifically, but Ed Sheeran could have easily made the list for any one of his dozens of tattoos. He also has a ketchup bottle somewhere on his body and part of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air logo on his arm, but a happy lion covering his chest seems a bit more fitting for this list.
  1. Angelina Jolie: Sticking with big cats, Angelina has a big tiger inked on her lower back. She’s been known as a bit of an eccentric, especially early in her career. But we have to add her on this list for very cool tattoo job that even her kids are proud of. She had the design done in 2004 in Thailand by a renowned artist named Sompong Kanphai.
  1. YG: We couldn’t do this list without adding at least one rapper. YG may not be as well-known as some others we could have included, but his tattoo of the Virgin Mary on the top of his head catapults him into the tattoo hall of fame. It literally covers his entire scalp, and is topped off with the quote, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”
  1. Nick Cannon: It wasn’t enough for Nick Cannon to just cover up his upper back tattoo of former wife Mariah Carey’s name—he had to really go big. The Wild ‘N Out creator reportedly endured 30 hours of ink work to create an image of Jesus Christ on the cross with a bird at the top and the following words in full bold along the bottom: “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” The tattoo literally covers his entire back.

Photo: Mike Coppola / Staff / Getty Images

  1. Cara Delevigne: With Cara Delevigne, it’s definitely not just about any single tattoo. Her series of smaller tattoos have almost become statements on their own and have even been copied by other models on the runway. Delevigne has a lion tattooed on her index finger, her full initials (CJD) on her right hand, the words “Made in England” on the sole of her left foot, the word “Bacon” on the sole of her other foot, a diamond inside her right ear, a red heart on her pinky, the phrase “Don’t worry be happy” on her bra line, a double-D insignia on her hip, the words “breathe deep” in white ink on her bicep, and an array of flowers on various parts of her body. We’ll stop there, but trust us, there’s more. Delevigne admits she’s obsessed with tattoos, so check her Instagram to see some of the others we may have missed.