Adam Levine apparently thinks Blake Shelton, his co-host on The Voice, is an idiotic moron—at least according to one of his recent Twitter posts. But it’s not as bad as it sounds.

The ninth season of The Voice premiered on September 21 on NBC and one of the most entertaining parts of the show was watching Adam Levine and Blake Shelton constantly rag on each other. So it’s no surprise that their friendly bickering made its way onto Twitter the night of the premiere, with Levine posting, “Have you heard my Blake impression? Goes like this… ‘I’m a stupid idiot. I slow dance with sidewalks. I’m literally the dumbest moron alive.’”

Shelton who’s known for his snarky Twitter posts, posted his own message around the same time mocking Levine for getting “fired up” on the show, adding sarcastically, “What a tough little guy! SO CUTE!!!”


While they may get at each other’s throats on the set of The Voice (and on social media), it’s all in good fun, because in reality, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are actually really good friends. “Adam and I, believe it or not, spent time together a lot, mostly just talking,” Shelton revealed in a recent interview, adding that he commends the Maroon 5 frontman for constantly being on the go. The country star also mentioned that the best part of doing the show, for him, has been the close friendships he’s forged.

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