Adam Demos attends Netflix's "Falling Inn Love" cast & crew screening on August 28, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Erik Voake/Getty Images for Netflix)

About Adam Demos
Age38 Years
BirthMay 24, 1986
AlumniDapto High School
HometownWollongong, Australia
Shows, MoviesFalling Inn Love, UnReal

Netflix is offering the sweetest meet-cute romance on August 29 with Falling Inn Love. Christina Milian stars as an executive who wins a rundown inn in New Zealand through a contest. Enter the hunky contractor played by Adam Demos to fix the place and fall in love with the new owner. Demos fits the role in more ways than one. And he may not be too unfamiliar if you’ve watched a certain show inspired by The Bachelor. Our Adam Demos wiki will serve as a primer on this actor ahead of the premiere of Falling Inn Love.

Adam Demos Is from Australia

We have Australia to thank for Hugh Jackman, the Hemsworth brothers, and now Adam Demos. Born on May 24, 1986, he hails from the coastal city of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia.

He grew up on a hobby farm with his family and graduated from Dapto High in 2003, a school focused on rugby. Where he came from, acting wasn’t really a part of their lifestyle.

Demos says he didn’t always look like your typical rugged “Greek” god. Before a much-awaited growth spurt, he was chubbier and shorter than his peers. He now maintains his chiseled body with regular activities like hiking, boxing, swimming, and surfing.

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From the looks of it, his family, including his mother and biggest fan, Lindy; his siblings; and his adorable nephew live in the Gong. And he often visits his hometown to spend time with them.

Demos Used to Be a Construction Worker

Before he was an actor, Demos was a humble construction worker in his hometown. He joined his father in the demolition business in his teens and continued even after high school.

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Back then, he used to pick up any labor job he could find to earn enough money to travel to places like Bali, Thailand, the U.K., and more. So he worked at the Port Kembla steelworks, as a roof tiler at his friend’s father’s business, and also did jobs in demolition. Until one day, when he decided to give acting a shot.

“I started doing beginner’s acting courses in Sydney,” Adam recalled. “I’d tell my mates I was working overtime on a job. The acting world was so foreign to our upbringings.”

He was afraid his friends would mock him for his thespian aspirations. But those friends from back home are still his friends today and are most supportive of him.

Adam credits his past work experience and his friends who teasingly nicknamed him “Hollywood” for keeping him humble. And now it seems he’s come a full circle starring in Netflix’s Falling Inn Love as an Australian contractor, Jake Taylor, tasked with fixing up a rundown inn for its new beautiful owner played by Christina Milian.

Demos Starred in Lifetime’s UnReal

Demos started his career booking minor roles in Aussie shows like Home and Away and Winners & Losers. Australian actress and filmmaker Zoe Carides noticed his talent and cast him in her play, his first stage gig, when he was 24.

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He got his first break on the Australian entertainment scene in 2017, with a recurring role on Janet King. But it was in 2018 that his acting career took off thanks to the Lifetime show UnReal.

Adam played August, a contestant on “Everlasting,” a fictional reality show within UnReal. The series was a behind-the-scenes look at drama on a show very similar to The Bachelor.

He had submitted his screen test for the role in 2017, recording it himself at his friend’s house in Sydney. He had never seen the show before that and didn’t think he’d book the job.

But he did, and he found out when he was working on Janet King. He immediately moved to Vancouver, Canada for UnReal. And while he is a natural at acting, he did struggle with the weather, especially when he had to show off those rock-hard abs.

“The show pretends to be set in Los Angeles,” he explains. “It was minus degrees in Vancouver, and it was interesting for my character to walk around without clothes.”

UnReal was his first show in the U.S. And he was blown away by the production size. “The scale is so much bigger. There’s so many more people involved, so many more cameras and you’ve got big boom cranes and three cameras going at once, and there’s just so many extras,” he said.

Adam Demos’ future projects haven’t been announced yet. Until then, we can fawn over him when Falling Inn Love premieres on Netflix on August 29.

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