Talks of the legendary rock band AC/DC retiring or about this being their last world tour have been gathering momentum for quite some time, and now frontman Brian Johnson addressed the rumors in an interview with the Morning Sun, saying that he has no clue what the future has in store.

Johnson, 67, admits that “retirement is like anything” and compares the band to a good footballer or hockey player who doesn’t want to retire, but also knows that “there’s a time when you have to call it quits.” Johnson continues to add that this is an ongoing process for the band, saying, “We never say no, and we never say never.”

Johnson also candidly says that as a band, they’re “constantly surprised and amazed” at their ability to “keep the success going.” He added that all he knows for sure is that he and the boys put in 100% effort every night and make sure to give fans everything they’ve got. “If that’s the secret of success, we’ll pass it on,” says Johnson.


Modest to a fault, Brian Johnson admits, “But we never expect the crowds. We never take anything for granted,” adding that they’ll keep doing what they’re doing and hope that the fans keep coming back for more.

Graff, G., “AC/DC isn’t frontman Brian Johnson’s only fast machine,” Morning Sun web site, September 8, 2015.
Image Source: Flickr; Image copyright 2015, Chris Alban Hansen

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