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If you’re a Knicks fan, then chances are you’ve heard of Latvian basketball player Kristaps Porzingis, and his recent Twitter incident. But what do you know about Kristaps Porzingis’ girlfriend, Abigail Ratchford? That’s right—Abigail Ratchford and Kristaps Porzingis are an item! If you want to know more about her, then take a closer look at our Abigail Ratchford wiki.

Abigail Ratchford’s Age and Early Life

Abigail Ratchford, 25, was born on February 12, 1992 and was raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The 5’8’’ brunette beauty moved to Los Angeles as soon as she could, to pursue her dreams to become a model, and is a self-proclaimed “queen of curves” on Instagram.

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Abigail Ratchford Instagram Pics

Abigail Ratchford’s net worth is estimated at just over $3.0 million and she’s made that as an Instagram model. The Pennsylvania native has over 7.0 million loyal followers, who are from all over the world. With countless posts of her seductive poses, Ratchford has gathered an impressive fan base that is larger than some of the most famous actors. The Abigail Ratchford car wash YouTube video is still getting views! From the bedroom to the pool, the “queen of curves” may remind fans of a younger Kim Kardashian with all of her photo shoots and calendars. Instagram has become a great way to globalize any brand, and the social media giant is creating more and more celebrities everyday. Waitress today, model tomorrow —with Instagram, anything is possible! Ratchford’s posts are definitely NSFW, so if you feel life taking a look at her body of her work, then an open office cubicle is not the place. She’s managed to rub elbows with Sean Combs and gives her audience an envious look into her glamorous lifestyle.

She Wants to Have Her Own Brand

It looks like Ratchford wants to do more than pose in someone else’s clothes, she wants her own! Those green eyes of hers have their sights set on a fashion empire and there’s no changing her mind.

“I want to have my own brand and do beauty, lingerie, and come out with other products,” Ratchford told Men’s Fitness. “I want to eventually move towards a big company or some different businesses. I’ve produced calendars and skate decks and I have really great fans that are super loyal to me. I want to make some big moves this year.”

Abigail Ratchford’s Boyfriend

Recently, New York Knicks player and Ratchford’s boyfriend ,Kristaps Porzingis was caught in a “post and delete” incident on Twitter involving his desire to join the LA Clippers. Porzingis said he was happy with the team, despite some tension with the managers, but issued a statement on Twitter that said he was hacked and notified the social media company immediately after.

What’s Abigail Ratchford’s Cheat Meal?

In an interview with Men’s Fitness, Ratchford talked about her favourite meal —and it’s mouth watering!

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“I love green juices and smoothies. Sometimes I’ll put some protein powder in the morning—I feel like the mix of vegetables, and vitamins and stuff that’s in them, really gives me a lot of energy in the morning. I love BBQ food—my ultimate cheat is a pulled pork sandwich, sweet potato fries, and macaroni and cheese from this great place in LA.”