One of 2015’s premieres to occur later in the year, Blindspot, began in September and has already received the stamp of approval from critics and viewers alike. However, as a new show, there’s always room for its fanbase to grow and one way to do that is to attract fans of other shows that are on hiatus, have ended, or were cancelled. It certainly looks like NBC is looking to retain the fans of one of its cancelled series, Hannibal, because its leading star Aaron Abrams joins Blindspot upon the show’s return from mid-season break.

In what is planned as a recurring role, Aaron Abrams will play an assistant U.S. attorney who enters into a relationship with FBI Agent Natasha “Tasha” Zapata, played by Audrey Esparza. It will be interesting to see how Abrams approaches the role, as this isn’t his first time playing an agent with government ties, nor is it his first recurring role; he did both as Special Agent Brian Zeller on Hannibal, which became a main cast role in season 2. There’s always the chance that lightning can strike twice—we wouldn’t be surprised if Abrams’ role with Blindspot turns into a full-time gig.

After the news broke, Abrams took to Twitter to share his excitement about joining the cast, writing, “Honored and thrilled to join the @NBCBlindspot family & be a part of the amazingest show on TV. Also suggesting ‘Abrazapa’ as a couple name. [sic]”


Abrams fans—many of which were loyal viewers of Hannibal—were quick to congratulate the actor on Twitter. “I’m so excited to see you on @NBCBlindspot ! You have no idea. Hope those famous head tilts make a return,” one person commented. Another was slightly less impressed with the role Abrams will be taking on, writing, “@MrAaronAbrams @NBCBlindspot congrats!! So happy for you! (even if ‘love interest’ does kinda break my heart haha) [sic].”

For those who can’t wait to see what happens when Aaron Abrams joins Blindspot, star Jaimie Alexander has provided something to tide fans over. The actress, who plays tattooed amnesiac “Jane,” took to Twitter with a behind-the-scenes look at the show. “Happy Monday! Anybody going through @NBCblindspot withdrawals? Here’s a little video I made you,” she wrote, and the video didn’t disappoint.


In the clip, Alexander showed the process that goes into removing her face makeup and the prophetic tattoos that cover her character’s body. Imagine having to take those on and off before and after every taping—that’s what you call dedication to your craft. The amount of work Jaimie Alexander puts in will be all the easier to appreciate when Blindspot returns, featuring Aaron Abrams, of course!


Blindspot season 1 episode 11 will be returning on February 29.

Image Source: Flickr

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