This weekend, John Krasinski is in the director’s chair once again and co-starring with his wife, Emily Blunt, in A Quiet Place. The near-silent thriller has already generated a ton of buzz and positive reviews, and by the time movie goers watch it, they will need A Quiet Place‘s ending explained! We’ve got what you need here.

What is the monster in A Quiet Place? That’s the question on everyone’s mind ever since the trailer for the horrifying new thriller was released. Sci-fi fans have since come up with their own theories about the creatures that go bump in the night but still want answers. Now, people are scanning the web for possible theories before the film’s premiere. Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

What Is A Quiet Place About?

The upcoming horror movie is about a family of four that tries to survive creatures that will eat you if they hear you! Sounds pretty terrifying, right? The film stars John Krasinski (as Lee Abbott), Emily Blunt (as Evelyn Abbott, who’s pregnant), Millicent Simmonds (as Reagan Abbott, their deaf daughter), and Noah Jupe (as Marcus Abbott, their son). The four communicate via sign language as sound is what draws the monsters near.


FYI: Krasinski wanted to a cast an actual deaf person, so he thought Simmonds would be perfect for the role. Though the rest of the cast/family can hear, Simmonds’ character communicates using American Sign Language (ASL) to help the family stay alive.

Is A Quiet Place a Cloverfield Movie?

After watching the trailers, many have also been asking about the film’s possible Cloverfield connection. It’s expected, but any movie like this one can have a resemblance to a Cloverfield project. This begs the question as to whether or not A Quiet Place could be a secret Cloverfield follow up! Fans already got a Cloverfield movie with The Cloverfield Paradox, but what if there’s more to the story?

Some might argue that A Quiet Place is more like Signs than a Cloverfield movie, due to its aliens-in the-fields vibe. Then there’s the theory that the monsters can’t see but only hear their prey, in order to hunt them. This certainly makes sense as to why it is imperative that they remain silent in order to survive!

But there are already a ton of theories popping up that A Quiet Place is actually part of the “Cloververse.” There are a few good points as to why fans may believe this theory:

  • A Quiet Place is also being produced and distributed by Paramount.
  • John Krasinski was originally in talks to co-star in God Particle (which is directly related to the Cloverfield films.)
  • The preview alone suggests A Quiet Place is very similar to the storylines of those in the other Cloverfield films.

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What Is the Monster in A Quiet Place?

We’ve seen so many monsters in movies lately, it’s hard to keep track or find anything new about them! But for the most part, keeping quiet rarely kept you alive. In this case, it’s a different story.


The Abbott family walk around barefoot, quietly play Monopoly (this means no dropping any board pieces), and they certainly don’t eat chips (too loud and crunchy!) The monsters have no real purpose in the film but that won’t stop viewers from being entertained and slightly terrified! The monsters are so scary that if you were to step on a nail, you would have to fight the urge to scream or be killed. Can you imagine going into labor at home in your bathtub without being able to make a sound? (As Emily Blunt’s character can’t stop the coming of her baby, she bites down on her lip hoping the monster creeping next to her won’t hear her hiding in the bathrub!)

But the whole movie is that way; silent. It’s the kind of silence you would take advantage of if you stayed out past curfew and knew your parents couldn’t yell at you. (Just remember parents, you could still give that disapproving glare you’re known for and it would be equally effective!) Though the movie has little dialogue (mostly hand signing), there’s certainly no shortage of jump scares!

A Quiet Place Ending Explained

The unidentified monsters have taken over upstate New York (clearly, the go-to state for most alien invasions) and it’s the 89th day of their invasion. It’s almost a silent movie but the truth is, without much dialogue, you can’t learn much about the aliens!

And these monsters mean business! They will rip out a child’s guts out for playing with a toy airplane but there’s no reason as to why. There could be three or three thousand of them, and Krasinski’s beard isn’t big enough to hide you from what’s to come!

However, it seems it is the Abbotts’ daughter’s hearing inability that is actually the saving grace in the film! Towards the end, Lee (Krasinski) discovers their weakness through his daughter’s hearing aid! Though he cannot get the new hearing aid to work properly for his daughter, she decides to wear it anyway. And when the monster gets up close and personal to her, it experiences excruciating pain do to the high-level frequencies being given off by her hearing aid! Just like a high frequency can shatter glass, it can bring these seemingly indestructible monsters to their knees!

So, though the entire movie revolves around silence, it is actually sound that is the only thing that can defeat them! How ironic, right?

A Quiet Place hits theaters on Friday, April 6. Until then, check out the bone-chilling trailer below!

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