It is already hard enough to believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger is 68 years old. To add to that, the actor shared a photo from exactly 50 years ago, as he reminisced about the early days with close pal Franco Columbu.

The Terminator star shared a black-and-white image of himself alongside Columbu, another legendary bodybuilder. Beneath it, he wrote, “Today, 50 years ago at my first competition I met a powerlifter named Franco Columbu. This photograph was taken by Albert Busek, who we also met in Stuttgart that day. The three of us have remained the closest of friends ever since. I’m so proud that our friendship, forged in iron, has stood the test of time.”

The photo was liked over 100,000 times since it was posted and shared by more than 2,700 Facebook users! Some fans even left comments complimenting the two bodybuilders and praising them for their inspirational work. One wrote that the pair were, “Two of the greatest bodybuilders ever!” while another expressed his gratitude to his role model, saying “Arnold as a young teenager you and Franco were my heroes and in some strange way I always found myself trying to be the best at whatever I’d tried. Thanks.”


An interesting comment that voiced the thoughts of millions of other superfans of Conan read, “Arnold do (a) film about your life,” with the best response to that being, “He has. It’s called Terminator.” Sounds about right!

Columbu, 74, and Schwarzenegger have been fast friends for five decades. They were training partners in the 1970s and were known to be inseparable. Columbu was even the best man at the former Californian Governor’s wedding to Maria Shriver back in 1986. To make their bond immortal, the Italian bodybuilder was featured in Pumping Iron alongside Schwarzenegger and even made cameo appearances in his hit films Conan the Barbarian, The Running Man, and The Terminator.

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