9 Social Media and Texting Habits That Can Destroy Your Chances in Age Gap Dating


Posting a simple message on your Facebook wall might seem innocent enough, but according to a new survey by a major matchmaking web site, some of your seemingly normal social media conduct might actually be hurting your age gap dating game.

When it comes to Facebook, the one habit that’s most likely to do damage in age gap dating is sharing emotionally dramatic posts—65% of the men surveyed said it was their biggest social media turnoff. Almost half (46%) of the men said they would be turned off by excessive selfies, while another 49% wouldn’t be impressed with being asked to unfriend one of their exes.

Instagram might not be as popular among older men, but it’s still out there, which means it can still impact how others see you in age gap dating. According to this survey, the top three turnoffs for this social media platform include too many hashtags, photos of babies or kids, or inspiring quotes.

If you really want to succeed in age gap dating, make sure your texting is on point, too—36% of men said that typos and incorrect grammar were their biggest texting turnoff, 33% hate one-word answers, and 30% have an issue with text messages written in all caps. And if you’ve just found a new match you’re interested in, you might want to avoid texting him at work—almost half (47%) of the men said they didn’t care for that.


What other social media habits would be deal-breakers for you in age gap dating?


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