Note: This is a lighthearted article and not meant to offend anyone. Any abhorrent acts committed in the series is not meant to be a direct reference to real life people. “Game of Thrones” fans who haven’t caught up with the series yet, consider yourself warned. This piece contains spoilers.

Somehow, even with dragons and magic, Game of Thrones can fit into today’s political scenarios. Thanks to the Internet, the lore of the Seven Kingdoms has been applied to Donald Trump’s presidency. Brace yourselves! Donald Trump is coming.

When Donald Trump won the Republican Primaries, a video wizard by the name of Huw Parkinson created a brilliant video mash-up of the then-GOP nominee with the epic HBO fantasy drama, Game of Thrones. The video edited Trump’s face onto GOT characters, used his recordings from different speeches, and brilliantly inserted them into situations on GOT. That video went viral, and we learned that Trump could fit into the political world of the fantasy show. From the time of his campaign and getting elected, to becoming the 45th President of the U.S. and his controversial decrees since taking office, President Trump still echoes some of the political figures on GOT. The following moments from Game of Thrones fit Donald Trump’s presidential journey in more ways than one.


#1. Tyrion Lannister’s Revenge against His Father vs. Donald Trump’s Revenge against Obama’s Insult

Donald Trump’s political journey began at the 2011 White House Correspondence Dinner, at the Washington Hilton. President Barack Obama gave a lighthearted speech with multiple jabs aimed at Trump. Obama lampooned the real estate tycoon for fixating on the then-President’s birth certificate. Instead of making Trump back off, the comments fueled his desire to gain political stature.

This very situation is reminiscent of Tyrion Lannister, a dwarf who had been ridiculed his entire life and was scorned by his father, Tywin Lannister. The only thing going for Tyrion is that he was born into a powerful noble house that guaranteed wealth and education. If we drew a parallel, Trump and Tywin were both raised in wealthy families, committed to raising their family’s status and maintaining their hold on power.


As Tywin’s actions earned the hatred and desire for revenge from Tyrion, Trump desired recompense from all those who thought he was a mere showman. Both muscled their way up the political ranks, but their retribution came in different ways. While Tyrion killed his father in frankly, the most humiliating way (on a toilet), Trump established a credible bid for the presidency saying, “I realized that unless I actually ran, I wouldn’t be taken seriously.”


#2. The Red Wedding vs. Immigration Ban

One of President Trump’s first orders after taking office was to bar immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) from the entering the United States. The move received large outcry of protests, as well as some support. If you considered the bone-chilling Red Wedding episode of GOT, you’d find that the group bore the brunt of Robb Stark and Lady Catelyn’s decisions.



Robb, his wife, and mother were brutally murdered in one of the goriest scenes in the series so far. It might be unfair to equate the barbarism in a series where fan-favorite and innocent characters die a horrific death, to Trump’s political move to stop illegal immigration. However, the similarities are there in that the Starks had no way out and these immigrants have no way in. The Starks received death and humiliation, while the refugees suffer from uncertainty and discrimination. As the debate on Trump’s immigration policy continues, the fate of the refugees hangs in the balance.

#3. The Walk of Shame vs. Hillary Clinton’s Fall

Throughout the campaign, each candidate was compared to different GOT characters. Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, was constantly compared to Cersei Lannister. Hillary is Cersei in more ways than one. For example, they are both tough women who are loyal to those they care about and are unforgiving to those who dissent. Neither have time to care about people being upset about emails or King Robert dying. But both have areas where they lack. The people of Westeros couldn’t warm up to Queen Regent Cersei. Voters couldn’t warm up to the former First Lady.


Cersei is one of those people who toe the line between good and bad. She confesses her sins and has one of the most dramatic scenes in the series, involving her to strip down and walk through a city while she’s jeered at. After losing the Presidential election, Hillary was doing her own political walk of shame. She played the dignified loser, but her scandals will continue to haunt her. Cersei took over the Iron Throne during a crumbling dynasty, while Hillary struggles to hang on to her political career. Their stature may not have declined, but they put on their best fake smiles —all teeth and no feeling.

#4. Hold the Door vs. Build the Wall

Trump said nobody builds walls better than him. Tell that to the Night Watch who stand 700 feet high on a wall made of ice, built over a millennium with magic! Trump’s wall will not be made of ice and magic, but he intends for something more concrete than the man-made barriers and chain-link fencing currently on the U.S.-Mexico border.


Game of Thrones Moments

The Night Watch and the ice wall keeps a dangerous threat out of the Seven Kingdoms. If Trump builds the wall, he might need to set up a Trump Watch, himself! Applicants should preferably have a business background and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Trump’s wall is an extreme move to counter illegal immigration and the Mexican government is not happy with the President’s choice of language. It might be too soon to accept applications for the Trump Watch right now.

#5. The Rise of Daenerys Targaryen vs. The Rise of Donald Trump

We know that Trump ran for president to prove he’s more than a reality star and real estate mogul. While he claims President Obama’s ridicule wasn’t the reason he turned to politics, it’s no doubt the push Trump’s desire for political stature needed. Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, originally had no desire to claim the Iron Throne. Over time, the feeling of being exiled from her own home changed her course to Westeros.

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While Trump, a political outsider, fought for recognition in the Republican party and built an army of followers, Daenerys proved that she’s Queen material by raising an army and training dragons. It’s too soon to tell what will happen after Daenerys reaches Westeros, especially when we remember that our favorite GOT characters tend to die. However, if Daenerys is anything like Trump, she could find herself in King’s Landing like Trump did in the Oval Office.

#6. Battle of the Bastards vs. Battle of Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

Once again, it’s a little extreme to compare two illegitimate sons and their armies fighting for Winterfell, to the two presidential candidates. But, with the stretch of your imagination, the similarities can be seen. Democrat Hillary Clinton has a shady history of governance. Donald Trump has a string of lawsuits against him, tax evasion charges, and he somewhat lacks political know-how.

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Jon Snow is mostly loved by viewers and Ramsay Bolton was definitely hated. So many rejoiced when Jon Snow and Sansa Stark took back Winterfell from Ramsay Bolton. Depending on how you look at it, the 2016 election was a similar battle, despite the fact that both Clinton and Trump were two of the least popular candidates.

#7. Bran Stark’s Visions vs. Nostradamus’ Prediction of Donald Trump’s Presidency

Things turned ominous during the campaign when a Nostradamus prediction came to light. The 16th French Seer made many predictions that have come true in the past, like the Great Fire of London, the rise of Hitler, the 2004 Tsunami, 9/11 attacks, and even the popularity of “Gangnam Style.” So, if Nostradamus saw that Donald Trump would be the President of the United States, it’s definitely a game changer!

Hilarious Donald Trump presidency vs Game of Thrones memes

Nostradamus wrote a collection of his predictions called The Prophecies. Speaking of prophecies, GOT is full of them! In the fantasy world, those blessed with “Greensight,” including Bran Stark, have oracle-like powers. The prophetic visions add an ominous element in the fantasy show. With the 2016 elections containing more drama than any TV series, Nostradamus’ prediction certainly added to it!

#8. Jon Snow’s Resurrection vs. Donald Trump’s Win

Only a few characters on GOT have had the good fortune of being resurrected. After being killed by mutineers of the Night Watch, Jon Snow was brought back to life by Melisandre. And what a comeback he had! The illegitimate son became the King in the North. Since we’re all about drawing parallels to Trump here, it feels awfully similar to the tycoon’s win, despite his sexist and racist remarks.

We’re familiar with the “Locker Room Talk” scandal and Trump’s long list of racist and sexist statements that shocked the nation —especially since it came from a presidential candidate. But, it was the clash between two of the most disliked candidates, after all. Trump’s personality flaws aren’t as bad as Clinton’s diplomatic failures, but he managed to pull off a Jon Snow!

#9. Cersei Lannister Blowing up King’s Landing vs. Donald Trump Tweeting against Top Companies

Messing with someone as vengeful as Cersei is a death wish! The season 6 finale showed Cersei exacting revenge for her humiliation in an explosive way. She destroyed the Great Sept of Baelor in King’s Landing by setting off a glowing green wildfire that killed her enemies. Though Trump has stayed away from arson, he’s going after his enemies the best way he knows how; by Tweeting.

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Trump has tweeted a lot since his political journey began, but his latest string of tweets target top companies like Nordstrom, Fiat, Ford, Boeing, Macy’s, and more. Trump’s vitriolic Tweets created sufficient fear among companies. After all, if the Commander-in-Chief says something bad about your business, there may be some financial wounds. But unlike the explosive effect Cersei had, Trump’s tweets had next to no effect on their stocks. Some even claim to have gotten a boost! Nevertheless, 140 characters from President Trump can still manage to send businesses into panic mode.

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