The 9 Most Endearing Halloween Costumes for Your Infant

Endearing Halloween Costumes for your Infant
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Mason Cooley has rightly said, “Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.” So, what story your baby is planning to tell this Halloween 2016? If you are confused about which infant Halloween costume to choose for your little monster this Halloween, then we have listed some new and unique baby costumes. Take your Pick!

Halloween is on October 31, but are you all set for Halloween 2016? Have you decided what adorable costume you’re going dress up your baby in this year? Selecting a costume for your baby is relatively easy, as compared to choosing a costume for kids who are a little older. When they’re young enough not to object, the options could be endless! Everybody wants their tiny tots to look adorable and of course be comfortable.

The best way to celebrate your little munchkin’s first Halloween is by dressing them up in the most adorable and quirky Halloween costumes! The stores are filled with various infant Halloween costumes, so you should have no problem selecting one to your liking. Still, we have taken the time to bring you 9 different and adorable options!

Before you set out to purchase a costume for your baby, there are few things you should consider. For example, now that the Fall season has started, it is essential to select a costume that will keep your baby warm. One can opt for bunting style costumes, which seems like a good option especially on colder nights, as these type of costumes cover your baby from head to toe completely.

Another thing to keep in mind are costume that incorporate the use of a mask or face paint. You certainly don’t want any allergic reactions and also don’t want them to touch or lick anything, which can be harmful. Given below are different baby Halloween costumes for 2016 that will make great options for your little one!


Infant Halloween Costumes

  1. Cute Little Monkey

baby lil monkey halloween costume

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This is one of the best Halloween costumes for toddlers, as it can be worn over their clothes and won’t cause any restrictions in movement. Another added benefit is that it will help to keep your baby warm and cozy. Just imagine your little munchkin totally rocking this monkey suit! The costume has a zipper body and leg snaps, so that diapers can be easily changed when required. You don’t need to buy or add any extra accessories. Maybe a banana, if anything!

  1. Harmless Vampire

harmless vampire baby halloween costume

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Imagine your baby boy in this costume! He will be the first harmless vampire and will surely look like the little heartthrob he is! These Halloween costumes are readily available and in multiple sizes. It comes with the detachable cape, attached jabot and bat pendant and again snaps for easy diaper change. With this outfit, your toddler can bite right into Halloween 2016! Dress up your baby as this adorable vampire and see how people gush at their sight!

  1. Potential Astronaut

potential astronaut baby halloween costume

Photo: Aeromax/

Ditch the past costume ideas and instead opt for something your baby may like to become in the future! Instead of dressing up your baby in some animal or cartoon character costume, how about something like a little moon man? Show your little one that you literally love them to the moon and back with this sweet astronaut costume! The costume is made of polyester cotton, it is a comfortable jumpsuit and has snaps to change your baby’s diaper easily.

  1. Adorable Little Garden Gnome

baby lil garden gnome halloween costume

Photo: InCharacter/

Go for an unconventional look and dress up your adorable baby in a little garden gnome outfit! He would look like one cute munchkin with a fake beard and huge ears, that’s for sure! The best part is that you don’t even have to buy the hat, shoes, or beard because they are all included. It will be nice not having to go extra accessory shopping for your little lawn gnome!

  1. Comfy Pumpkin

comfy pumpkin baby halloween costume

Photo: Fun World/

If you still cannot decide on something for your baby, then go for the traditional look and buy a pumpkin costume. This costume can be worn over their clothes and it won’t restrict their movement in any way. Since babies are always a little plump and chubby, this costume will look even more adorable! You don’t even have to buy extra accessories to complete the look, either. So what are you waiting for? Grab the costume and dress up your little jack-o-lantern!

  1. Baby Elephant

baby elephant halloween costume

Photo: InCharacter/

Another safe option for a cute Halloween costume for your infant is to dress them up in an adorable animal outfit! Take, for example, this baby elephant. Kids who have recently started crawling will have no problem moving around in this onesie. There are other options like rabbits, pigs, and cats, and more. The best part is that you can machine wash it!

  1. Tiny Tinker Bell

tiny tinker bell halloween costume

Photo: Disguise/

If your baby has just taken her first steps, then give wings to fly with this adorable baby Tinker Bell costume! Just imagine how adorable your child will look walking and running around in this outfit as you trick-or-treat! If you have twins, Tinker Bell always needs a Peter Pan, so think about pairing this one with the boy who never grows up and they can go as the most adorable duo from Neverland!

  1. Beautiful Flora

beautiful flora baby halloween costume

Photo: InCharacter/

Although this is a very commonly used costume idea for babies, there’s no denying your baby will look adorable in it! Floral costumes are a great way to show off your babies beauty, like a growing flower! It is also one of the easiest and quickest Halloween costumes. The hood comes attached with petals and skid resistant boots, so there is no chance of your baby slipping!

  1. Lady Bug

lady bug baby halloween costume

Photo: InCharacter/

One of the cutest ways to dress up your baby this Halloween is dressing them up as ladybugs! It is a good idea if your child has just started to crawl, too because this costume is non-restricting and won’t limit your busy little bug! This lady bug costume comes in different varieties for you to choose from. So, dress up your child in this outfit and see how adorable they look. Happy Halloween shopping to you and all the little munchkins out there!

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