8 Things We Learned About Age Gap Dating in 2014


Age Gap Dating Lesson #1: What It Really Takes to Get His Attention

We know it’s been proven that men find a woman in red to be more attractive, approachable, and even more competent, but there are three more things that will really make his head turn. For starters, ease up on the makeup if you want to get ahead in age gap dating—you’d be surprised to hear how many men in one survey said they prefer a more natural look. Secondly, don’t waste your time flaunting cleavage, because a scientific study has shown that what men actually prefer in a woman is the size of her waist in comparison to her hips—they’ve actually uncovered what seems to be the “perfect” body. And thirdly, don’t underestimate the power of puppy love in age gap dating, because more than half of the respondents in one survey said that a more is more attractive when they have a dog, and 85% believe it’s easier to approach someone if they have a dog.

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Age Gap Dating Lesson #2: What Your Body Is Really Saying


You could be sending a very clear message without ever saying a word. It’s all in your body language, like how your feet are positioned or the way you’re sitting. Being aware of your body language and what it means will help you in age gap dating, because in addition to getting your message across, you’ll know what to look for in his non-verbal cues. There are plenty of ways that you can use body language to your advantage in age gap dating, like using it to show that you’re engaged, approachable, friendly, and available.

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Age Gap Dating Lesson #3: 4 Super Simple Dating Tricks


Not only are these four age gap dating tricks easy, but they’ve actually been shown to work. The first is the power of touch—various studies have shown that touch sends emotional signals and messages to your brain, which then reflect in how you feel and act. The second is simply using his name in the conversation to show confidence and to make the experience a bit more personal. The third is to make eye contact—it’s the best way to establish a connection. And lastly, smile! It’s the one action that has a universal meaning and it’s proven to be contagious.

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Age Gap Dating Lesson #4: Dating Sites Really Do Work

According to recent research by the University of Chicago, more than a third of couples who married between the seven-year span of 2005 to 2012 met online. And it gets better—the marriages that started online were not only reported to be more satisfying, but these couples were more likely to avoid separation or divorce when compared to the couples who met offline. So if you’re considering joining an age gap dating web site, you’re on the right track.

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Age Gap Dating Lesson #5: The Right Footwear

Believe it or not, the shoes you’re wearing can determine how successful you are in age gap dating. A recent study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that you’re more likely to get noticed if you’re wearing high heels. In one part of a study, women wore varying heel heights while asking for strangers on the street to answer mock survey questions. The women wearing flat shoes got a 46.7% answer rate, but the ladies in the higher heel (3.5 inches) got an 83% answer rate. That’s not all wearing high heels will get you.

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Age Gap Dating Lesson #6: Proof You’ll Be Happier Dating an Older Man

Making a May-December relationship isn’t always easy, but there’s one big reason why women might be better off dating an older man—on top of being more financially secure, older men are also usually more confident and emotionally stable. A study by a popular dating web site found that those over 45 years of age felt happier with their life and were more content in their personal relationships than when they were younger.

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Age Gap Dating Lesson #7: The One Thing Every Healthy Relationship Needs

In order to make a May-December relationship work, you need to be there to support each other in times of need. However, it turns out that it’s just as important to be there when things are good, according to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Researchers analyzed 79 couples and found that couples who share positive events were more likely to be content in their relationships than the couples who only focused on negative events.

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Age Gap Dating Lesson #8: Be Kind and Generous

While on the top of how to make a May-December relationship last, there are two personality traits that one psychologist believes are the answer: kindness and generosity. John Gottman has spent the last four decades studying human relationships and according to his research, couples who display qualities of kindness, generosity, and optimism were more likely to have successful relationships compared to those who display less of these traits. Gottman also believes to have uncovered the one trait that’s most likely to destroy your May-December relationship.

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