Take a look at these eight photos of Ariana Grande being her playful best. You may not think of Ariana Grande as your typical comedian, but these pictures clearly show that she’s got a funny side. The 22-year-old pop diva takes snaps of her subtle yet whimsical moments, and her fans and followers are loving it. Recently, Ariana Grande made a joke while presenting at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, which were held last week. While announcing the performance of R&B singer The Weeknd, Grande added a pun for his introduction, and even said, “Get ready for the pun of the century… he earned it,” playing up the artist’s Grammy-winning song “Earned It.”

That’s not the only funny moment Ariana has had, as the young pop diva had also started laughing on stage in the middle of her performance. Clearly this is one artist who doesn’t take herself too seriously and likes to have fun. Some of her interviews also end up being pretty funny when the singer twists her comments to something unexpected. And Ariana is keeping up her jovial side on her posts on Instagram; have a look at these eight and see for yourself!

Here’s whatAriana Grande might look in her 70s!



If I Were a Boy?

Ariana Grande

Uncle Grande


Ariana Grande Wants Jim to Carrey Her!

Ariana Wants Jim To Carrey Her!

Spoiler Alert! Ariana as Chewbacca in the next Star Wars

Ariana as Chewbacca in the next Star Wars

Ariana can be a flirt, too.

Ariana likes to flirt


Her own kitty cat gang

Her Hello Kitty gang

The freakiest Ariana Grande selfie!

ariana funniest

Photos: Instagram/arianagrande

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