7 Sex Truths Your Older Man Doesn’t Want You to Know


A recent sex survey out of Australia made some surprising revelations about men and women’s wants, needs, and sins in the bedroom. A third of the men polled said that they just pretended to be “in the mood” in response to their partner making a sexual advance, and what’s even more shocking, nearly a quarter (23%) said that they had even faked an orgasm during sex—it doesn’t sound like a high number, but a lot of women don’t even realize that it’s possible for a man to fake it.

Orgasms aren’t the only thing that men lie about during sex. Over a quarter (25.4%) of the men said “I love you” in the middle of sex, but didn’t really mean it. Furthermore, nearly half (46.4%) of the survey respondents revealed that although they were having sex in their relationship, they weren’t completely satisfied and wanted more of it.

The sex survey also touched on the issue of relationships and affairs. While it was somewhat reassuring to see that 70% of all of the survey participants had no desire to have an affair, nearly 19% admitted to having an emotional affair, and 10% of the men who weren’t cheating were only faithful because they never had the opportunity to stray.

What do you think: Does an “emotional affair” constitute cheating in a relationship?



Noone, R., “Sex survey: 43 per cent of us fake orgasms, more than half pretend to be in the mood and over a third of men admit to cheating,” The Sunday Telegraph web site, November 2, 2013; http://goo.gl/QHyLKH.



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