7 of the Scariest Halloween Haunted Houses in America

Scariest Halloween Haunted Houses in America
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Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to explore the most mysterious places of all—haunted houses! If you’re a believer in all things supernatural, you’ll love to hear about these extremely haunted houses! During Halloween, some of the most popular Halloween events include real haunted houses, as they are often the most anticipated Halloween attractions for fans of the spooky season. Check out these five hair-raising haunted houses within the United States!

Haunted House in 1865

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The Whaley House

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Dubbed “America’s Most Haunted House,” the Whaley House in San Diego, CA is rumored to have ghosts who have roamed the halls since the 1800’s, when the original estate was constructed. Rumors also circulated that a man named Yankee Jim Robinson was hung on the property, and still haunts it to this day.

The Cassadaga Hotel


The hotel staff proudly tell tales of their paranormal experiences as guests enter the building. This Florida hotel is full of psychic mediums who make it their life work to provide spiritual retreats, and paranormal readings for guests. If you’re hoping to make contact with the dead, and believe in the art of physic reading, this is the place to go.

Joshua Ward House

Unexpected Guests – People say that the old Joshua Ward House is haunted. On Washington Street sits this silent brick edifice, which has been there since 1784. Joshua Ward built it on what used to be George Corwin’s property. Corwin had been an inquisitor who tortured confessions out of people during the Salem Witch Trials, Giles Corey being the most notable among them. Now George Corwin himself is sometimes seen here. But more frequently sighted is The Black Lady – who made herself known one night as a woman was having her picture taken inside the house during a party. When the Polaroid came out, the woman expected to be seen was not there, but the terrifying image of the lady ghost was. This picture can be found online, just do an image search on “Joshua Ward House.” Real? Fake? As always, I leave that open to interpretation. #ghosts #haunted #joshuawardhouse #georgecorwin #infamous #spooky #eerie #creepy #historicproperty #history #hauntedhouses #salem #massachusetts #instagramhub #webstagram #igers

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Built during the time of the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts, this house was on the same ground as many of the alleged witchcraft-fueled executions. Apparently, 19 accused witches were murdered on the lot of this home, giving everyone who visits a haunting sense of fear and concern.

Queen Anne Hotel

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Before becoming a historical icon, this San Francisco, CA hotel was once a Victorian finishing school called the Mary Lake School for Girls. According to rumors, the headmistress at the time loved the institution and her students so much that she was devastated when it closed down. Some say she still roams the halls to this day!

Haunted Houses in America

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The Kreischer Mansion

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This Staten Island, NY mansion is said to have ghosts that span from 1885 to 2008. Rumor has it, that the original owner committed suicide inside the home, which led people to believe that his spirit still remains within the walls. A caretaker for the mansion recently pleaded guilty to committing a horrifying murder in the house! The victim is rumored to have joined the owner, Edward Kreischer, in his mission to haunt the spooky Victorian house.

Lizzie Borden House

If you’ve ever heard of the popular children’s rhyme about Lizzie Borden, this house will give you chills. Within these very walls, the young girl was allegedly murdered her father and step mother, inspiring the eerie rhyme. Rumors say her deceased parents still haunt the Falls River, Massachusetts home, terrifying visitors of the paranormal-themed bed and breakfast, which now occupies the residence. “Lizzie Borden took an ax / And gave her mother 40 whacks / And when the job was nicely done / She gave her father 41.” Terrifying!

The Stanley Hotel

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Located in Estates Park, Colorado, this hotel served as the inspiration for Stephen King’s, The Shining. Unlike the story (which is fictional), the horrors that took place in this house are very much real. Guests have said that they have felt ghosts enter and exit rooms as they please, sending warnings to visitors of the same dangers that took their own lives.

Other recent horrors have been terrifying teens, like the fake clown purge on Halloween [hyperlink: https://www.earnthenecklace.com/clown-purge-on-halloween-are-clowns-planning-a-purge-night-on-halloween/] night prank. Thankfully, that was proven to be a total hoax, but this season is surely shaping up to be a creepy one! Happy Halloween!



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