7 Haunting Witch Door Decorations for Halloween

Haunting Witch Door Decorations for Halloween
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There’s nothing more terrifying than a haunted house on Halloween. Consider all the innocent children making their way to the streets, holding their parents’ hands as they go trick-or-treating. As they approach various doorsteps, they are often met with smiling hosts who put lots of candy in their baskets. But then there are those twisted neighbors, who love to terrorize little children with spider pranks in the candy bowl, and scary noises playing from inside of their eerily decorated houses! Witch door decorations are always a spooky surprise, with their creepy glowing eyes and freakishly long fingernails. If you’re one of those people who enjoys giving children a scare, or are hoping to make your home the scariest haunted house on the block, here are some spooky witch door decorations and props to get you started!

Life Size Animated Talking Witch Prop

animated talking witch prop halloween decoration

Photo: KNL Store/amazon.com

To start this list off with one of the scariest items, this witch prop doesn’t just look terrifying, it also makes noises! This witch door decoration emits eerie warnings of “boo,” “beware,” “you’re not scared are you?”, and insane cackling noises. The witch is also animated to make it look extra realistic in the dark! Spooky!

Witch Sister Trio

witch sister trio halloween decoration

Photo: spirithalloween.com

This animated prop is also creepy and moves, as well. The witches smile with their toothless grins and bulging yellow eyes, as they mix a pot of green stew! Your children will get a fright out of this creepy prop that threatens to cook them if they misbehave!

Lunging Haggard Witch

lunging haggard witch halloween decoration

Photo: spirithalloween.com

If the title doesn’t creep you out, the prop surely will! This witch door decoration stands at 6 feet tall with a pointy hat, bulging yellow eyes, a long, deformed nose, torn garments, and a skeleton on top of her cane. Her wrinkly hand stretches out like she is trying to catch you! This is certainly one freaky prop! Oh, and it’s animated to add that extra lifelike effect at night. Eek!


Illuminated Hanging Skull Witch

illuminated hanging skull witch halloween decoration

Photo: spirithalloween.com

As if witch faces weren’t terrifying enough, this hanging witch prop lights up and has a skull for a face! The arms reach out, ready to grab little mischievous children! “Children beware, you’re in for a scare!”

Animated Towering Witch

animated towering witch halloween decoration

Photo: spirithalloween.com

Double, double, toil and trouble! This witchy decoration stands a massive 6.5 feet tall and will be the perfect addition to your haunted house décor! The face is heavily detailed, the mouth moves, and the eyes light up so your guests will surely be terrified! This witch is motion and sound activated, so the second they approach your doorstep they’ll be in for a fright!

Hanging Witch Decoration

hanging witch halloween decoration

Photo: spirithalloween.com

This witch is reminiscent of the early Disney witch from Snow White! Don’t take an apple from this creep show! Kids may ditch the risk of getting candy with this terrifyingly realistic hag on your front porch!


Witch Lantern Silhouette

witch lantern silhouette halloween decoration

Photo: KNL Store/amazon.com

This eerie silhouette and lantern combination makes it look like two witches are cooking in the dark. The lantern casts a creepy shadow over the silhouette props, and it looks terrific from afar. As your guests approach your house, they’ll be in for a spooky surprise!

You really can’t go wrong with any of these spin-chilling witch door decorations! So, get into the Halloween spirit and deck out your house with the hair-raising items. You’ve only got one week left until Halloween, so start decorating!


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