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Rejoice fam because 22 years ago today, the world was gifted with the rainbow-lovin’ Daniel Hernandez, better known as 6ix9ine in Instagram circles. Tekashi69 is celebrating his birthday in Hawaii, and he’s given us a glimpse of the party on Instagram. And nothing spices up a birthday more than partying with your nemesis’ ex, right?

6ix9ine’s Birthday Bash

Daniel Hernandez was born on May 8, 1996, in Brooklyn, New York. Two decades later, he’s become a social media sensation with his vibrant hair and equally vibrant grill.

And he’s not slowing down any time soon. Along with producing commercially successful music, he’s getting into feuds, courting controversy, and staying scandalously relevant.

He even teased the idea of taking a break from producing music, which seems an unlikely possibility. He’s slated for a performance in Honolulu, Hawaii, on May 8 and it looks like he’s making the most of the opportunity.

The rapper threw an exotic birthday bash in Hawaii on a yacht! And it looked pretty lit considering 6ix9ine’s net worth is estimated at $400,000!

His Instagram post on his birthday showed him partying on the boat with lots of ladies, bongs, and booze! It certainly looks like Tekashi is livin’ it up for the big 22!

The “Gotti” rapper was flooded with birthday wishes from his fans, and he showed his gratitude for all of it.

Partying It Up with Cuban Doll

While most of us don’t get to party it up on a yacht on our 22nd birthdays, we hardly have time to get jealous when we notice who’s in attendance. In a follow-up post, Tekashi69 is in what looks like the yacht’s cabin with Cuban Doll.

Yes, that Cuban Doll.

ICYMI, Cuban Doll shared a video of her battered face after allegedly being abused. It didn’t take long for the Internet to speculate that her injuries were courtesy of her alleged boyfriend, rapper Tadoe.

It is speculated that Tadoe was upset when Cuban Doll joined in on an Instagram live video with Tekashi69 when he was beefing with Trippie Redd. 6ix9ine then turned his feud target to Tadoe, and a video was shown of the two of them arguing on a video call.

The rumor mill went into overdrive further when Cuban Doll and 6ix9ine displayed their friendship together in pictures and videos online.

Since 6ix9ine is such a troll, he’s getting entertainingly shady by posing with his new BFF (Cuban) on his birthday.

Videos have surfaced online of Cuban and 6ix9ine on his yacht. While everyone’s sending birthday wishes 6ix9ine, some are casting doubt on Cuban’s abuse claims.

Social media users have noticed she looks unharmed for someone who painted a picture of abuse just a couple of days ago.

While some busybodies are anticipating Tadoe’s response, Cuban appears to be moving on. And what better to move on than by hanging out with friends on a yacht in Hawaii?

The rappers showed their friendship blossoming in a cake-fight video Tekashi posted to his Instagram. See, even social media celebs have that one friend who hits you with cake no matter how old you’re turning!

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