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In the first season of 60 Days In, eight average Joes and Janes went undercover as prisoners, for two whole months! This time, eight new 60 Days In cast members are going to participate in season 2 of the hit reality show. Fans of the show who have been hitting up the internet Googling terms like, “60 days in,” “60 Days In season 2,” “60 Days In 2016 cast,” “60 Days In season 2 cast,” “60 Days In season 2 cast premiere,” and “60 Days In season 2 cast members,” but don’t fret; we’ll tell you all the juicy details you’re dying to know about the 60 Days In season 2 premiere.

Sheriff Jamey Noel and Scottie Maples will expose the Clark County Jail’s deep-rooted corruption, by permitting eight average individuals to live in the Jeffersonville, Indiana facility for 60 days, without anyone knowing their real identities. Cameras will record all the interactions and instances in this unique program, designed and developed by Sheriff Jamey Noel. The TV show will air its second season on A&E, and will showcase the plight of what life is like for ordinary people in dangerous surroundings and life-threatening situations.

Here are the 60 Days In season 2 cast members:

#1 Sheriff Jamie Noel

A resident of Clark County and a member of the Sacred Heart Church in Jeffersonville, Indiana, Noel is an upstanding pillar of society. With a B.S in Criminal Justice and Supervision from Indiana University, he has won several certifications and awards as a firefighter. He was a part of the Indiana State Police for 22 long years, and held numerous designations like Undercover Narcotics Detective and Senior and Master Trooper.

#2 Captain Scottie Maples

A resident of Clark County like his colleague, he is also a Public Information Officer who lives in Jeffersonville, Indiana with his wife and their three wonderful daughters. He has an Associate’s Degree in Human Services.

#3 Ashleigh

A former alcohol and drug addict, Ashleigh wants to be of assistance to imprisoned women, because of her personal history with prison inmates. Her own mother was behind bars for most of her life, and Ashleigh witnessed firsthand how quickly things can go south. Her mother gave her a taste of alcohol at only 10 years old, and Ashleigh’s struggles with addiction continued well into her teenage years. After an overdose landed her in the hospital, Ashleigh finally sobered up, and has been clean for four years now. She plans to pursue a career in social work and drug/alcohol rehabilitation, and wants to help others like her as much as she can.

#4 Monalisa

Monalisa’s daughter is currently serving a mandatory sentence of 10 years. Being a prison mom has been tough for this mother, because of the shame and guilt associated with having an incarcerated child. In 2014, Monalisa started a support group called Parents with Incarcerated Children, and wanted to participate in the reality show in the hopes that she would gain some valuable experience about life behind bars.

#5 Sheri

The former corrections officer is currently a stay-at-home mom to three little girls. She worked at a maximum-security state prison for two years. Her insight as a corrections officer (CO) will be invaluable to the Sheriff in assessing the functioning of his facility.

#6 Brian

An Attorney by profession, Brian works with the Department of Corrections Legal Affairs’ Prosecution Team. He is a father to two sons, and sometimes assists the Internal Affairs office during their investigations. Before this, Brian worked at a private practice. The Sheriff hopes to utilize Brian’s professional experience and unique perspective during prison interactions.

#7 Ryan

A former medic in the Army, Ryan wants to become a police officer and eventually, a homicide detective. He has already initiated his application process, and wants to bring about a change in the system safeguarding corrupt law-enforcement officers. He is about to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. We definitely need more young men like him in the system!

#8 Chris

Coming from a conservative Southern family, Chris witnessed firsthand what happened to his younger brother, who was imprisoned for several months at a young age. Believing him to return home a different and damaged man, Chris hopes to be able to relate to his brother better, after it took him nearly two years to recover from his prison stint, including homelessness and drug abuse.

#9 Dion

Dion is about to receive his Masters Degree in Criminology, Law, and Society. He has been studying the criminal justice system for nearly six years, and hopes to prove to his crime-infested neighborhood, that jail is not the solution to their problem. He is fearful about his psychological health after spending time in prison.

#10 Quintin

A retired State Police Captain, Quintin spent 29 years on the force and is currently a licensed private investigator and bounty hunter. The Sheriff feels that Quintin’s insight will be an eye-opener, and will assist in bringing justice to many convicts.