If your Instagram browsing is starting to get a little boring, maybe it’s time to start sprucing it up by following some new celebrities. Here are some of the most entertaining stars taking over Instagram:

  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: From insane workout videos and pictures to hilarious conversations with his dog, Johnson never fails to make his followers smile. The way he talks into the camera makes it feel like he’s talking directly to you. Johnson also posts fan art and even shares videos of him going out of his way to meet with fans.
  • Mindy Kaling: Mindy is the kind of celebrity that every girl wants to be friends, so browsing through her Instagram page feels like you’re just catching up with an old buddy. Kaling shares a lot of behind-the-scenes shots from The Mindy Project, casual group shots with her friends, and pictures that show jus how normal she is.
  • Lena Dunham: The Girls star is about as random as they get, but her “I don’t care what anyone thinks” attitude is kind of refreshing. In addition to sharing pictures of her just doing her thing, Dunham also posts the occasional dance video, and they’re always incredibly fun to watch.
  • Anna Kendrick: It isn’t so much the pictures she posts on Instagram, but what she writes with them—Kendrick definitely wins at coming up with the wittiest captions, and probably without even realizing how funny she is.
  • Cole Sprouse: The former Disney Channel star has dedicated his Instagram account to capturing pictures of fans who are trying to take a picture of him (hence the handle @camera_duels). The whole page is filled with pictures of random people trying to secretly snap a photo on their phone—only Sprouse took a picture of them first.
  • Aaron Paul: He may have starred in one of the most intense TV dramas (Breaking Bad), but Paul comes across as quite the comedian in real life, at least judging by what he posts on Instagram. You’ll see a mix of awkward selfies, silly snaps with co-stars, and weird things he sees when he’s out and about.

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