We’ve seen far too many shocking breakups this past year, but not every celebrity couple has to be a tragedy. In fact, judging by some social media accounts and the cute celebrity couples photos that appear on them every now and then, many famous pairs couldn’t be happier! We’re just hoping they can close off the year with just as much love and shared happiness. And with that, here are our picks for the top 6 cute celebrity couples in 2015, at least on Instagram:

  • Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard: This is one of those celebrity couples that you see together and just instantly understand why they click. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard perfectly complement each other’s bubbly and laidback personalities—their chemistry is undeniable on Instagram, too. In fact, one of Bell’s latest posts sums up their marriage perfectly with a reflection on what love means to her. “Appreciate the other and never take them for granted, let them feel that you couldn’t be more excited that they choose to be with you every day they wake up it’s an awesome feeling knowing that someone is #happy and excited about you,” wrote Bell, along with, of course, a very sweet picture of her wrapped in Shepard’s arms.
  • Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka: Cute celebrity couples pictures can only get cuter when you include the kids. Harris seems to take every opportunity possible to showcase his husband and their two surrogate children. Most recently, he posted pics of the family’s trip to Walt Disney World, followed quickly by their Christmas preparations. There’s no doubt that this is one happy family!
  • Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian: This celebrity couple couldn’t make it any clearer how in love they are, what with their candid photos and sincere quotes dedicated to each other. And it isn’t just on Instagram—Aaron Paul also never passes up the chance to praise his wife in person, too. So it’s no wonder why they place high on the top 6 cute celebrity couples in 2015.
  • Alicica Keys and Swizz Beatz: A lot of the cuteness comes from their sons, who work their way into so many of Keys’ Instagram photos. A recent picture shows the pair and one of their boys taking on the dangerous challenge of putting the star on the Christmas tree!
  • Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello: Having married just last month, this famous celebrity couple acts like it’s been even longer! Of course, that doesn’t make them any less adorable in their wedding photos—Vergara especially has never looked happier!
  • Chrissy Teigen and John Legend: This couple has mastered the art of taking cute celebrity couples pictures for Instagram, especially in the kitchen—Teigen has shared a bunch of photos of them cooking up a storm together. Also, there was that time that Teigen posted a proud picture of her husband’s bare butt. (They’re still together, so it’s a safe bet that he didn’t mind!) To be fair, she also shares sweet pictures of her and Legend cozying up together.

Photo: Instagram/chrissyteigen

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