Curtis James Jackson III, known to most people as 50 Cent, isn’t known for his sentimental side, what with him being one of the most renowned rappers. But the artist recently shared a photo in tribute of his late grandmother, and it showed a whole new side to him.

Jackson’s mother passed away when he was only eight and he was subsequently raised by his grandma, Beulah Jackson. However, he unfortunately lost the most important person in his life last year in September. And on September 28, 50 Cent posted an image of a younger version of himself along with his late grandmother in the background. The caption read, “I love the lady in this picture, she had my back. I was a bad kid, I had big ideas like I’m gonna get rich, f*ck being poor. So I got into a lot of trouble but she was always there for me. When I brought her a house was on a cloud. The most fun iv had was letting her spend money [sic].”

Gaining over 25,000 likes in barely thirty minutes (it’s since gotten almost 89,000 likes), the Grammy winner got several encouraging messages from fans. One user praised Jackson for his hard work and said, “You might of been bad then [but] look at you now. She is so proud of her son today [sic].” Another fan defended him from haters by commenting that they missed the “big picture and the real message.”


The moving post about this grandmother was an unusual break from the type of stuff 50 Cent usually posts on Instagram, which usually have to do with bashing fellow rapper P. Diddy and his rival television show Empire, praising hot women, or something to do with sex. For instance, just a couple hours after opening up about his late grandmother, 50 Cent’s next Instagram post was a cartoon showing a woman saying, “My gynecologist says I can’t have sex for 2 weeks,” to which the man in the cartoon responds, “What did your dentist say?”

50 Cent, Instagram post, September 29, 2015.
50 Cent, Instagram post, September 29, 2015.

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