Rapper 50 Cent has a serious bone to pick with not one, but two award shows this season. His show, Power, has already been renewed for a third season because of all the positive reviews, yet it wasn’t nominated for any Primetime Emmy Awards—and 50 Cent is pissed for not getting the credit and respect he thinks his show deserves.

The rapper posted a picture of the Emmys trophy on Instagram with the caption, “Man these people act like POWER ain’t shit. See why I be trippin. I saw that trophy in the store for $20 bucks I’m gonna just go buy one f*ck it. [sic]” 50 Cent not only stars in the show, but he also produces it.

Almost immediately after that Instagram post, 50 Cent posted another one, this time calling out the BET Awards for snubbing Eif Rivera in the director of the year category. For an extra sting, he added in the caption, “You have the same list [every] year.” The accompanying image was of the BET Awards symbol with the trophy, bordering an image of 50 Cent and Rivera sitting behind a stack of cash. Eif Rivera is a leading music video director, a particular favorite among hip hop and rap artists—Rivera has worked with 50 Cent on 17 of his music videos, so the pair understandably has a solid relationship.


Both of 50 Cent’s Instagram posts are getting the attention of fans. The first one boycotting the Emmys has already gotten almost 20,000 likes and over 530 comments, while the second post touting Eif Rivera has around 23,800 likes and over 330 comments—that’s not even including the growing number of favorites and retweets of the posts on Twitter. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait till next year to see if the Emmys and the BET Awards take notice.

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