The entire music world was caught off guard with the news of Prince’s untimely passing. He was found dead in his home town of Minneapolis, laying in a lift at his Paisley Park estate. Prince’s music touched fans all over the world from the late ‘70s till now.

As of today, there is no clear story on the manner of Prince’s death, and according to BBC News, police have opened an investigation. Celebrities took to social media to express their sympathies, including messages from Will Smith and Justin Timberlake.

It made us wonder just how influential Prince was, so we’ve listed five ways in which Prince influenced the music industry:

Purple Rain

It’s not possible to mention Prince without mentioning Purple Rain. He had to convince his record label to fund the film, but the soundtrack became epic with two number one songs: “When Doves Cry” and “Let’s Go Crazy.” But it was the title track that stuck in the minds of listeners across the globe, and “Purple Rain” is the one Prince song most associated with his brand.

100 Million Albums Sold

Few can claim this achievement. Prince has sold more than one hundred million albums throughout his career which spanned four decades. According to Forbes, Purple Rain was his most popular album in terms of sales, but he put out a total of 39 albums from 1978 until today.

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince

When Prince had a falling out with record label Warner Music, he ambitiously changed his name to a symbol. This was a revolt against record labels owning the works of musicians, a practice that Prince claimed made musicians slaves.

Unprecedented Amount of Music Created

A story in Rolling Stone recalls Prince putting out music at what it called an “inhuman” pace back in the ‘80s. He’s known for his songwriting and his ability to play nearly every instrument, which earns him production credits on all his albums.

Everyone Loves Prince

It’s hard to find a more respected artist in the music industry. He was gifted as a musician and admirably eccentric yet fiercely private. This combination was similar to another beloved artist who passed away earlier this year, David Bowie. Both have left their creative mark and work ethics in one of the most difficult industries to claim success.