5 Super Sweet (and 1 Super Sexy) Christmas Gift Ideas for Age Gap Couples


The holidays are just around the corner, but for a lot of younger women dating older men, one of the toughest May-December relationship issues is what to get your significant other for Christmas. When you’re dating a mature, successful man, he’s probably been able to treat himself (and you) to plenty of little luxuries, which leaves you with one perpetual problem: what do you get the man who has everything? Trust us when we say that you’re not the only woman in a relationship with an older man who’s struggling to find the perfect Christmas present.

Another one of the most common May-December relationship issues we’ve seen around the holidays is when family and generational traditions collide. For a lot of age gap couples, trying to merge their different cultures and traditions, especially with regards to exchanging gifts, can be about as difficult as mixing water and oil.

Gift giving is often a big deal for age gap couples, particularly when it’s an older man and a younger woman, because he usually has no qualms about spoiling her all year round. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but around the holidays, a lot of younger women feel the need to return the favor with a big, extravagant gift, which can be stressful if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. What a lot of age gap couples don’t realize is that you really don’t need to spend a lot of money to give a meaningful gift.

If you’re in an age gap relationship with an older man, there are so many ways to show him how much you love him without breaking the bank. Here are just a few sentimental gift ideas for age gap couples.


• Personalized storybook: Instead of a traditional photo album, document your May-December relationship in the form of a personalized storybook. Add pictures of the two of you together, write about all of the reasons you’re crazy about him, and share some of the qualities that make him perfect for you. It’s a sweet gesture, because it shows that you didn’t just go out and pick something up at the mall. It’s a clear indication that you put serious thought into the gift and he’ll definitely appreciate you for that. There are lot of web sites that provide detailed templates where all you have to do is add your pictures and text, and they’ll print and ship it for under $50.

• Make his favorite dish: This is always a foolproof gift idea for age gap couples. Spend a little bit of time putting together his favorite dish and complete it with his favorite appetizers and dessert. And it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant—just do what you can. It might take you a little bit longer than going out and buying something, but it’s the effort that he’ll really value.

• Sexy Santa: On small pieces of paper, write down a few racy activities you know your older man would enjoy, like a sensual massage, a lap dance, or a game of strip poker. Then put all of them in a Santa hat, slip into a new piece of lingerie (red is always a good choice for the holidays) and let him pick. The holidays are a great opportunity for age gap couples to spend a little extra “quality time” together.


• Homemade coupons: This is another easy one for age gap couples. Put together a bunch of “coupons” that your older man can redeem throughout the year, like a back rub, a home-cooked meal, a night of passion, whatever he enjoys. The best part is that they can be as funny, silly, romantic, practical or sexual as you want—it’s something for just the two of you so get creative.

• Customized ornament: A lot of stores and web sites offer affordable Christmas ornaments and trinkets for the tree that you can personalize with a message or photo. If you’re in a new relationship with an older man and this is your first Christmas together, it’s a nice way to commemorate it. If you’ve been together for a while, a sweet message shows him that even after all this time, you appreciate him. And it’s something you’ll be able to enjoy every year.

• Framed keepsake: If he doesn’t put up a tree, a framed keepsake works just as well. If you’ve saved anything from your relationship with an older man, like movie stubs or a sweet note he once wrote you, put those in a frame with a photo of the two of you, along with a personal handwritten message.

Do you have any other good gift ideas for age gap couples? Share them below!


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