5 Reasons Why It’s Better to Date an Older Man


If you’ve ever dated an older man, you’ve probably gotten a million and one questions about what an age gap relationship is like, and why you’re wasting your time dating older men when there are so many young ones out there. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. The next time someone shows some interest in your less-than-traditional age gap relationship, here are some of the reasons you can share about why it’s better dating older men.

• They’re financially stable. Older men have made their money and, at this point in their life, they’re more willing to sit back and enjoy the ride. That’s why so many of them enjoy being sugar daddies. They’ve worked hard to make their money in their younger years, and now they can afford to wine and dine a beautiful lady. When you’re dating older men, you never have to worry about making ends meet or where the money for your next bill will come from. Financial stability is an appealing asset in a time when the economy isn’t so reliable.

• They’re gentlemen. There have been surveys done about women’s dating preferences, and a lot of women have said that when dating older men, they tend to be much more polite and respectful towards women. They know how to treat a lady with class and style. Older men in age gap relationships are more willing to listen to what you have to say and don’t just see women as sex objects.

• They’re settled. While younger men are busy working to establish their careers and make money, older men have done the work and now know what they want at this point in their life. They don’t want to waste their time playing games when they enter a new relationship. When dating older men, they’re usually more open and honest about their wants, needs, and expectations—and that’s the way it should be, because it makes your age gap relationship so much healthier in the long run.


• They’re still sexy. A lot of people seem to have this impression that once a man passes 50, he’s done for, so age gap relationships can never be sexual. The truth is that not all men get fat and impotent with age. Look at George Clooney or Johnny Depp—they’re both older men that still have a crazy amount of sex appeal. Besides, we live in an age where a 60-year-old can be in better shape and look younger than a 30-year-old. So, those age-old stereotypes that old men are, well, “old,” are long gone. Yes, his body will naturally go through changes over time, but even still, older men are confident in their own skin, which is such an attractive quality in a partner.

• They’ll guide you in the right direction. An older man has already gone through a lot of the things you might be experiencing in your life right now. He’s better equipped to provide you with a reliable opinion on how to handle a certain situation. So, along with financial stability, dating older men can also help in other departments.

What do you think: Why else do you think age gap relationships and dating older men are better?



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