Quantico star Priyanka Chopra has just received yet another award from her home country of India. This time, it’s the Padma Award, which is a civilian award given every year on Republic Day, the day India’s constitution came into effect. More specifically, Chopra has been awarded a Padma Shri award, which is the fourth-highest civilian award and is given to those with a distinguished service record in fields such as education, science and, in this case, the arts.

Chopra is one of 112 recipients of a Padma Award this year, though she’s possibly the most famous. Considered one of Bollywood’s greatest actresses—and is one of the highest paid—Priyanka Chopra enjoys a level of fame rarely seen outside of those in the traditional Hollywood system. And now that she’s appearing on ABC’s Quantico, more of the world is able to enjoy her talents as well.

But if you don’t watch Quantico—and really, why not?—you may be starving for a reason to care about this wonderful actress, model, and performer. Well, here are just five reasons to love Priyanka Chopra:


She’s a Pioneer

Chopra’s starring role as Alex Parrish on Quantico makes her the first South Asian woman to hold a starring role on an American network series. But that’s not the only first the actress has. She’s also clothing brand Guess’ first Indian model, the first cover girl of the first Indian edition of Maxim, and even the first Indian actress to appear in a textbook!

She’s Serious

Priyanka Chopra actually had a deal with ABC before Quantico but put things on hold until the right show was found for her. She would pass on 25 different scripts before signing on to Quantico, making it clear that she would not be typecast, and that she wanted a role that went beyond her ethnicity and accent.

She’s Strong-Willed


Unlike many other stars who, when assaulted with hateful words on social media, close down their accounts, Chopra didn’t close her Twitter account and run. The star received a ton of hate when she appeared in a video that aired before Thursday night football games with ignorant NFL fans calling her a terrorist, among other hateful (and largely incorrect) slurs. Rather than back down, she pushed forward with her career, saying that “being an achiever” would be enough to shut them down.

She’s Proud

Despite her increasing fame (and potentially increasing profits) from working in the United States, Priyanka Chopra hasn’t forgotten her roots. She often uses her social media accounts and interview time to educate and share regarding Indian culture. And that means she’s reaching a lot of people: the star has more followers than any Indian actress.

She’s Beautiful


Well, this one goes without saying. A former Miss World winner before embarking on her acting career, Chopra owes a large part of her fame to her gorgeous looks. It also helps that she has brains to go with her looks, notable for her sense of humor and almost supernatural ability to always give the right, most clever response to any interview question.

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