5 of the Best Scary Halloween Netflix Movies to Watch in October 2016

Netflix Halloween Movies

Although Halloween is still a few days away, people are getting in the Halloween mood by watching horror films! If there’s one time of year you need to check out some scary movies, it’s October, so here are 5 scary Halloween Netflix movies to watch in October 2016! If you’re scared to watch it alone, invite a friend, curl up on the couch with some snacks, and binge watch some good old horrors on Netflix! Without further ado, here are the 5 bone-chilling scary movies!

#1: The Exorcist

That’s right, the 1973 film that still haunts your dreams is streaming on Netflix this fall! It starts off with an unclean and twisted aura; making you already feel like something horrifying is about to begin. When the possession scenes start, you’ll start wondering if you can ever let your guard down, especially when the clip of the young girl’s demonic face shocks you to the core! This eerie film will make your skin crawl yet the mystery of it will make it impossible for you to turn off. Even if you’ve already seen it, the novelty never wears off. It’s always as creepy as the first watch.

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#2: The Babadook

Released in 2014, this film was a strong one for indie horror film fans. It makes you think and draws you to feel strange emotions, with its twisted dreamlike sequences. You’ll be constantly wondering what is real and what is simply a hallucination. If you like movies that mess with your mind, this is definitely one to add to your list.


#3: The Canal

Directed by Ivan Kavanagh, The Canal (2014) is an indie Irish haunting story about a man who discovers a century old crime that occurred in his house. But this isn’t your average ghost story. There is a psychologically intense background to the plot that will send goose bumps up your arms. According to Paste Magazine, the film combines elements of The Shining’s sound design and the color palette of Dario Argento’s films (Suspiria, The Phantom of the Opera, etc.).

#4: Scream 2

A Wes Craven classic from 1997, this sequel actually does the prequel some justice. Spoiler Alert: Despite the fact that in the prequel, all the characters were killed off, this one is a respectable follow-up. It follows a brand new series of “ghost face” killings, centered on a newly released film called Stab, which was based upon the Woodsboro murders. If you want to have your pants scared right off, be sure to watch it!

#5: The Host

Released in 2006, this film was one of the most successful Korean films of all time. Bong Joon-ho directed the film and it fits into the sci-fi, family drama and horror genres. The movie monster looks like a giant tadpole with legs and teeth, but when you see it you’ll understand why that’s totally horrific. If you like strange and terrifying monster flicks, put this one on your list for October!


Be sure to purchase a Netflix subscription this October! There are tons of great Halloween-themed movies and scary films to see, plus, all year around you’ll be able to discover new movies and stream your favorites.

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