There are thousands of professional models out there, but few hold the audience’s attention the way that Emily Ratajkowski does. The British bombshell commands the runway, but lately has shown a preference for a different type of fashion: the topless kind! A recent photo shoot for accessory brand Jacquie Aiche has featured the model showing off jewelry and pants—but no shirt! Needless to say, the photos, which she posted on Instagram, proved very popular with fans.

But while fans have seen a lot of Emily Ratajkowski, how much do they actually know about her? She’s certainly one who disproves the stereotype that models are vapid airheads. Here are five interesting facts about Emily Ratajkowski.


Born in Westminister, London to American parents who weren’t even married despite being ages 39 and 45, Emily O’Hara Ratajkowsk actually grew up in San Diego, which is where the family moved when she was five. Of Jewish, Polish, Irish, and German descent, she spent a lot of her life traveling Europe even before becoming a model.


Modeling Career

Speaking of, Ratajkowsk’s career began when she was signed at the young age of 14. However, her parents would not let her do it full time until she finished high school as they recognized that a good education is very important (not to mention a good backup for if modeling didn’t work out). She also attended university for one year, but dropped out and chose to finally focus on a modeling career at last.

Acting Roles

Besides modeling, Emily Ratajkowski has done some acting work, including in films such as Gone Girl and the Entourage movie, where she actually played herself. She also notably appeared on two episodes of the hit Nickelodeon TV show, iCarly. But perhaps her most important role wasn’t in a movie or TV show, but a music video: she appeared in the uncensored version of the video for Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” in nothing but a skin-colored G-string.

Outside Work

Ratajkowski is heavily involved in activism, especially Planned Parenthood, which she describes as her “main charity.” The model has raised funds for the group and appeared in several of their public service announcements despite it making her the target of pro-life advocates. Her support for the group comes from her strong beliefs in female empowerment. She once wrote a letter on the subject, which appeared in numerous publications. She has also had minor political involvement, speaking at a rally for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders in early February of this year.

Nudity? No Problem

As seen with the recent Jacquie Aiche shoot, the “Blurred Lines” video, and Emily Ratajkowski’s Twitter feed, the model has no problem with tasteful nudity. This is the result of her upbringing during which she saw a lot of female nudity in art and photos at a young age, largely due to her father being a painter and art teacher (his work features such content as well). She also spent a lot of time during her trips to Europe at nudist beaches, where her mother had no problem baring herself, thus instilling the idea that human nudity is nothing to be ashamed of.

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